Losing Weight for the Big Wedding?

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One of the first things I did after my fiancé asked for my hand was think, “I have to lose weight!” Now, mind you, I wore a size eight at the time of my engagement, but I was determined to be a six by the wedding. Sounds crazy, right? Wrong! Nearly every bride, bridesmaid, and mother of the bride that see me for wedding consultation are always planning on losing weight.

At the time the dress is chosen and I take measurements is usually when they tell me they are going to lose weight, or they tell me they are waiting to get the dress until they lose weight. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows it is harder than it sounds; some people will not lose weight and will be scrambling for a dress at the 11th hour.

Since there are time constraints on dresses, the time to lose the weight is really before the shopping starts. But in the reality of weddings, most girls start looking before they lose weight. My suggestion is to pick the dress and just go ahead and lose the weight. Alterations can make the dress fit, but there is an additional cost for that, so be prepared. I have only seen a handful of brides lose enough weight to need extreme alterations to a dress. One started kickboxing, and the other started a bridal boot camp. Most people ask if the dress will look the same, and of course it will if a good seamstress is used.

So do not wait. When you get engaged, that is the time to buy the dress.
Most bridal gowns take four or five months to order; bridesmaids dresses take about three months, as do mother’s dresses. There are shipping rushes that can be done, also at an additional cost.

Everyone knows how to lose weight. You take fewer calories in, while exerting more by exercising. Here is a plan that can work for almost anyone who needs to lose weight: First you should go to your physician to find out what you need to do and are physically fit to do. Then you need to make the commitment, pick a date to start, announce it and people will know, which will keep you committed. People knew I was on a diet when started Weight Watchers and forgot to remove my Weight Watchers name tag as I worked my way through the grocery store to purchase some healthy food. I did not notice until I saw my mother later that day and she pointed the tag out. I did notice a few shoppers eyeballing what was in my cart.

Make sure to keep an eye on the scale. I know when I become accountable and can see results it keeps me motivated. Keep a food journal so you can see what you are eating. Most people do not think they eat that much, but every bite counts. Make an exercise plan. At a minimum, if you are serious, six hours a week. You can do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday one hour a day, or 30 minutes for six days.

Try to exert yourself to the point of breathing hard and sweating in the first three to five minutes to burn calories. The idea is to keep your heart rate up. There are lots of good weight loss plans that can help you learn how to eat and learn portion control.

There are also lots of boot camp style workouts that can whip you into shape in about six weeks. If you are really serious and want to be the best you can be for the wedding, the time to start is now.

Make the commitment, then follow a plan and work out. I remember when my mother, my mother-in-law and I all worked out and ate right before the wedding; we looked great on my wedding day. That was 15 years ago and we are always trying to get back to that size, but we now have added 15 years and it doesn’t get any easier the older you get. If you don’t lose the weight, though, don’t worry. Your fiancé already asked you to marry him, so he loves you just the way you are.

Updated 06-10-2010

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