Lotus Pool Garden Coming to Tulsa Botanic Garden


Tulsa Botanic Garden has received a major gift from the Bumgarner Family Charitable Foundation for construction of the Lotus Pool Garden, the third of four gardens designed for the current phase of development of its master plan. Construction should begin in early 2021.
The Bumgarner Lotus Pool Garden will transform the northeastern circular pool of the garden’s lake into a premier aquatic plant garden for Tulsa and Oklahoma. Totaling three quarters of an acre in size, the Lotus Pool Garden will be the most complex of any projects built at the garden thus far. The design includes multiple water features as well as landscape lighting to highlight the aquatic garden at night.
At the northern edge of the pool, water will cascade over natural rock from the hillside above flowing into the pool under the Sunrise Bridge. From the bridge visitors are provided with a panoramic vista of the Bumgarner Lotus Pool Garden.
Overlooks on the eastern side of the Lotus Pool will extend into the water offering up-close encounters with blossoms of water lilies and lotuses as well as darting dragonflies and other wildlife. Natural stone walls on each overlook will create intimate areas for peaceful reflection. Rows of water jets will continue the line of each stone wall into the pool. Bald cypress trees will provide shade at the water’s edge.
Three Floating Gardens will arch into the pool on the north and south sides showcasing water-loving plants such as iris and hibiscus in the specially designed planters. These color-packed floral bands will be magnified in impact by their mirrored reflections on the water’s surface.
A new Deco Bridge will connect the current lawn amphitheater to the peninsula. As the name suggests, this iconic bridge design was inspired by Tulsa’s rich architecture. Water cascading over a weir that will be built nearby will provide a picturesque view for visitors on the bridge. The weir will maintain the water level in the Bumgarner Lotus Pool Garden about 18 inches higher than the rest of the lake.
The garden worked with noted landscape architects 3.Fromme Design (Sanford, Florida) and Szafranski Landscape Architecture (Tulsa) in designing the Lotus Pool Garden. 3.Fromme Design has also been involved in the design of garden’s master plan, A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Floral Terraces, Children’s Discovery Garden as well as the recently added Garden of Lights holiday light show.