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Holding the title of “fastest growing city in the state” simply validates what many in this southern suburb of Tulsa already knew: Bixby is booming and is ready for more.

Bixby officials recently announced a number of new economic development initiatives designed to spur continued growth in this high-income area of the Tulsa metroplex. “We promoted Trish Richey to the position of Economic Development Director for the City of Bixby and expect her tenure to yield tremendous results for the city,” Micky Webb, City Manager of Bixby, said. He said Richey’s first priority is to effectively market Bixby’s retail opportunities and advantages on a national scale. To accomplish that task, the City contracted with Crossroads Communications, LLC to perform an in-depth retail analysis potential report and create marketing collateral materials based on the findings.

“We also plan to do a Web site dedicated to providing developers, site selectors and retail leasing agents with the information they need to choose the best Bixby location for their next project or store,” Webb said, noting that Web sites are the “first stop” for many site selectors and any city serious about recruitment of large scale retail development should have a good one.

Richey’s enthusiasm for Bixby shows in her conversation about her new position. “I’m excited about the future for Bixby because we are poised to really expand our retail base and realize some long-held visions of our city leadership and citizens. Our location relative to Tulsa and easy access via Memorial Drive (U.S. Highway 64), the Creek Turnpike and U.S. Highway 75 means Bixby is the ideal choice for new or expanding retail establishments who want access to the very lucrative south Tulsa marketplace.”

City leaders believe Richey is the right person for the job of putting Bixby on the national map, and there is solid reasoning behind the idea that it’s a place Bixby belongs.

The city grew nearly 40 percent between 2000 and 2005 and shows no signs of slowing. Residential growth remains strong, with more than 1,200 home starts in the past three years. Median home value in the Bixby area is approaching $200,000, and city officials say the average new home built in Bixby exceeds that figure. 2005 household income for families in the Bixby area came in at $118,769, making Bixby a very attractive market for retailers looking to locate in a high-income, growing area where upscale developments tend to prosper.

Undertaking the combined efforts of a retail potential study and a Web site to showcase the results shows the level of commitment Bixby officials have to attracting the kind of investment in the city necessary for it to reach the next level of development. “We want to be a self-contained city, where our residents can work, play, shop and live the lifestyle they want all in Bixby,” Richey said.

Statistics used and sources include “Fastest Growing City in the State” – U.S. Census data for 2005 Places, growth rate of 39.4 percent between 2000 and 2005. Residential home starts – City Records, City of Bixby. Median Home Value of $175, 314 for 2005 Claritas, Inc. Family Household Income of $118,769, Claritas, Inc. Additional Statistics: City Sales Tax collections have doubled between 2000 and 2006 – City Records, City of Bixby. Historical Net Assessed Valuation has doubled between 2000 and 2006 – City Records, City of Bixby.

Updated 10-26-2006

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