Make Your Own Coffee Pods At Home

PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 07, 2010 – Make Your Own Coffee Pods At Home 
By Jason Uvios 

It is more than many times that all of us have wished that we made our own coffee pods and been able to enjoy the drink too. This desire could be because of various reasons in different persons; not withstanding that, making coffee pods at home is not a big deal at all provided you knew the little kept secret. Secondly it hardly takes any time to make them. The tools and things needed are almost already available at your kitchen it self. Then, what are you waiting for, go ahead and make your own coffee pods at home and good ones at it, the first time over. 

What You Need 
You will need hardly any more things than a measuring scoop, made of stainless steel. It is fine if the scoop measure is 1/3 the volume of your coffee maker. You will need filter papers, the kind they use to make the pods at the factory. Next, to make the paper take shape, take a vitamin jar or something similar to that, even a glass would do, provided it fits within the scoop measure. 

Place the filter paper over the bottom of the jar after inverting it. Ensure that you have placed the filter paper approximately centered. Now place the measuring scoop over the paper in the inverted position so as to press the paper into taking the shape of a cup. Press it hard while twisting the ‘scoop measure’ both sides slightly. This is to stiffen up the paper cup’s shape. 

Now you are very close to making the final steps in making your first coffee pods at home. Just remove the filter paper cups you just made by pressing from over the jar’s bottom. Now take that cup and hold it within the scoop measure and fill it with your favorite coffee ground. For your cup size the quantity of grounds can be conveniently 2 teaspoons. Slightly more or less than this is alright as long as it tastes good. Fill the paper cup with coffee grounds even while the paper cup is placed within the measure and spread the grounds evenly over the bottom by gently tapping the scoop a couple of times before closing the extra filter paper. 

Be gentle to the paper while closing it over the coffee grounds. Fold it with fingers and place the jar over it so that you can press it again but this time round to close it tight. Press it as hard as you can using your palm. 

Presto! You have just made your first coffee pod at home. Pop it out of the scoop and you know how to enjoy it now. 

Jason Uvios writes about “Make Your Own Coffee Pods At Home” to visit: espresso coffee pod 

Updated 02-08-2010

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