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MAKEOVER MAGIC: Kim Abdo, left, and Julie Hudson, right, pose with Cheryl Horton, the recipient of the makeover offered through GTR Newspapers earlier this year. Horton was nominated by her students to receive the free makeover.

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Editor’s Note: In the Mid-December/January issues of GTR Newspapers, Isabella’s and several other area business owners offered a free makeover to someone nominated by a GTR Newspaper reader. In this issue, Kim Abdo reveals the results of the contest.

First of all I’d like to thank the many people that took the time to write in for their friends and relatives. I received so many great letters that it made it a very difficult to decide who the lucky recipient would be. After careful consideration, I decided on a lovely women named Cheryl Horton whose students wrote in singing her praises and were so heartfelt I couldn’t help but share portions of one student’s letters. Rachel Farell writes:
“As we go through life we all meet certain people who touch our lives in a special way. These important figures influence us beyond words but are often taken for granted. I’d like to stop and recognize one of the people who have added priceless pearls of wisdom to my life; my teacher, Mrs. Cheryl Horton.
“I remember my very first day of class. I was shy and didn’t know anyone, but she made me smile and feel comfortable and at ease. I knew I was going to love her.

“As time went on I grew to respect her immensely. She encouraged me when I needed it most and always gave a smile to reassure me. She has so much passion for her students, and cares about each person individually. I credit her for helping me become a better writer and teaching me to “think outside the box.”

“It would take pages upon pages to express all of her amazing and unique qualities, and the effect she has had on my life. She has displayed selflessness to an extent most people could never reach and has impacted countless lives. She is so focused on those around her that she always puts herself last. If anyone should be called deserving of this gift it’s my teacher, Mrs. Horton.”

This is just one example of the many letters written in about Cheryl. Cheryl has four children whom she homeschools in addition to the other students she teaches. She also writes and edits curriculum for TRISMS as well as helping her husband with his businesses, volunteering for the homeless and being very active in her church.

On Friday, March 10, Julie and the girls from Iidentity salon, Jara Herron, Kathy and Richard from Table Ten and I formed a team to pamper, coddle, spoil and indulge Cheryl for a day. First she came to Isabellas so I could have an initial meeting and get an idea of her size and style. Then it was off to iidentity salon to turn Cheryl’s somewhat frizzy mane into luscious golden locks. Julie and the girls showed Cheryl how to maintain her new look and provided hair-care products to help her get the job done.
Next she was taken to Jara Herron to let Jara work her skincare magic. Jara consulted with her on what products she could buy on a limited budget and how a skincare regimen works. Then it was time to have a little fun with fashion at Isabellas where my mom and I put Cheryl on the fast track to style with a body analysis and a complete new look.

The last stop was to Table Ten where her husband was waiting, having been told he was having dinner with another couple. He was completely in the dark about the makeover.

The team at Table Ten provided a delightfully, delectable romantic dinner for two.

Cheryl’s husband was so surprised he thought he was having a flashback and thought she looked at least 15 years younger. Her kids commented “We’re sure are glad you took off a day to come back looking like this. How did they do that?”
Cheryl says she has more confidence and feels differently about herself. She feels more energetic than she has in years and wishes to thank everyone involved for this eye-opening learning experience.

Updated 03-20-2006

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