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MAKEOVER MAGIC: Cheryl Horton and her husband, Jon, enjoy a romantic meal following Cheryl’s makeover courtesy of Table Ten.

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Have you ever watched TV shows such as Extreme Makeover, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, or What Not to Wear and wished you could be the subject of their attention? Now you can and you don’t have to get on an airplane or have millions of viewers see you without makeup or know your real weight and body shape. You can get a makeover right here at home.

“Professional style advice used to be a luxury for just the rich or famous,” says Kim Abdo of Isabella’s. “But today ordinary folks can get a makeover and get that confidence boost that comes from knowing you look your best.”

Recently, Abdo teamed with several other Brookside businesses and offered a free makeover to someone nominated by a GTR Newspaper reader. The winner was local home school teacher Cheryl Horton. Cheryl has four children whom she home schools in addition to the other students she teaches. She also writes and edits curriculum for TRISMS as well as helping her husband with his businesses, volunteering for the homeless and being very active in her church. She was nominated by her students.
In March, Cheryl spent the day at Iidentity Salon, Jara Herron Skin and Isabella’s where she was pampered, coddled, spoiled and indulged while receiving a new hairstyle, facial and makeup, and body analysis and wardrobe consultation along with a new outfit. The day ended with a romantic dinner with her husband courtesy of Table Ten.

“I’ve talked with Cheryl since the makeover and she is keeping up the skin care and hair regimen developed for her,” Abdo says. “Her husband is enthusiastic about it because it has given her a new sense of self-confidence.”

In a recent email to Abdo, Cheryl wrote, “I carry myself differently. I actually spent 30 minutes on myself this morning. I feel more energetic than I have in years.”

Cheryl’s experience is not unusual, Abdo says, and is what makes doing makeovers so fun.

“People are so busy today that they don’t have time to really focus on themselves,” she says. “And we become so accustomed to the image in the mirror that we lose the ability to see ourselves as others do. That’s where I come in.”

Abdo offers fashion consulting, wardrobe consolidation and organization and personal shopping services. If a full makeover is desired, she can organize the hair and skin care elements as she did with the makeover for Cheryl.

“We can do a makeover like you see on TV and we do it out of the glare of television lights,” Abdo says.

Abdo often works with clients on both fashion and wardrobe.
“I work with my client to develop a style that works with their body, budget and lifestyle. I study your closet, get it organized and develop a way for you to keep your new look when I go away and you’re dressing yourself.

“In the end, it saves you money because you have a shopping plan and if you follow it you won’t have that multitude of impulse purchases that don’t go with anything in your closet.

“And, your closet is organized so you can find things easily and create multiple ensembles from the clothes you already own!”
Abdo can also do the shopping for you or with you and coordinate seasonal wardrobe changes.

To find out how Abdo can help you look your best, stop by Isabellas Design Originals, 1311 E. 35th St., 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, or call 918-744-9100.

Updated 04-29-2006

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