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ENERGY ADVOCATE: Mark Stansberry has written “America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan.” He is the spokesman for the Energy Advocates and chairman of the GDT Group.

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Mark Stansberry, founder and chairman of Global Trade & Development () Group, nationally recognized expert on America’s energy industry and author of the recently published “America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan,” says Americans have been too passive about our nation’s energy policy for too long.

“From President Nixon in the 1970s to President Obama in 2012, we have been told time and again that an energy policy is in the works, and a national energy plan is on the way. For too long we in America have been wasting time blaming the energy industry and/or the government for failure to adopt a national energy strategy when we should be responsible for creating the plan,” says Stansberry.

He believes all Americans, as consumers of energy should drive the process, evaluating how best to leverage domestic natural resources to ensure long-term energy independence and security. This belief is what led Stansberry to write his most recent book.

The book is dedicated to the proposition that America needs an energy revolution. When asked what would facilitate this, Stansberry says, “We, the people, must take the lead. By taking the lead, the revolution will be underway. By turning to new technologies, innovation, and the enduring American spirit that has enabled us to overcome every challenge this nation has faced since our founding, the goal of total energy independence can be achieved before it is too late.”

Stansberry emphasizes that now is the time to take a stand. “We must each evaluate our own impact on our nation when it comes to energy and the environment. The book provides the necessary steps to make this needed revolution, and a people’s energy plan a reality.”

When asked about the consequences of not starting an energy revolution and a people’s energy plan, Stansberry says. “Losing our energy security and energy independence to other countries; the People’s Republic of China is one example. China has a plan and that is of world energy dominance, and many countries are implementing strategic energy plans.” He adds, “The energy future is for us to take the lead. We need an energy plan so that above all else we have energy security and energy independence.”

Stansberry, in his 2008 bestselling book “The Braking Point: America’s Energy Dreams and Global Economic Realties,” discussed the “six moving parts” that affect the energy industry and energy prices: 1) peaking production, 2) increasing energy demand, 3) decreasing refinery capacity, 4) terrorism and energy security, 5) inadequate government policy, and 6) misinformation about the industry.

When asked how much of an influence these parts play today in the energy industry, Stansberry says, “Since 2008, we have seen America’s natural gas and oil reserves base increase due in great part to the shale plays. The demand for energy will continue especially when we have a global economic turnaround.” Regarding refinery capacity, Stansberry points out that there has not been a significant refinery been built since 1978. “Additionally,” he says, “terrorism and energy security are still in the forefront. And current government policy sees more taxation and regulation as the cure-alls.”

Addressing the issue of the many misconceptions the public has about the energy industry, Stansberry mentions some common ones. “Regarding economics of the industry, few Americans know that until a few years ago the energy industry struggled through a 20-year depression. Profit margins were below the average of other industries.” Stansberry says that another misconception is that energy companies are “colossal giants” owned by “them.” Still another is that America is running out of oil. He says, “The issue is not that we are running out of oil. The issue is recovering oil. Fortunately however, research and development along with technology over the past few years has greatly enhanced our ability to recover oil.”

That energy industries don’t care about the environment, and are out to harm the environment is yet another incorrect perception. Another misperception, Stansberry says, is that all those involved in the energy industry are greedy like the ruthless J. R. Ewing of the 1980s TV show Dallas. And there is the misperception that the energy industry does not pay its fair share of taxes.

These are just some of the examples of misperceptions about the energy that Stansberry discusses in his book. Stansberry says, “In order to correct all misperceptions about the energy industry, we need to emphasize energy education that organizations, such as The Energy Advocates, provides. This organization is dedicated to educating and informing the American public about its energy industry and energy policy issues.”

“It’s vital,” Stansberry says, “that Americans take the initiative, learn about our nation’s energy industry, and work together to start an energy revolution.” He adds, “One of the main challenges in achieving energy security and independence is that we are leaving it in the government’s hands and others to control our energy destiny.” This can be overcome he says, by the people taking the lead. “It’s entirely possible to achieve energy security and independence.” “We as Americans just need to get interested and active and decide to lead our energy future.”

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