Mayor Creates Position of City Manager

Mayor Dewey Bartlett announced today that he is streamlining his administration by appointing Jim Twombly to the role of City Manager. The Mayor will create the position through an executive order.

Bartlett said Twombly has the experience needed and he understands the complexities of operating an organization of this size. Twombly has served with the Mayor’s Office at the City of Tulsa for two years, as well as City Manager for the City of Broken Arrow and several years with Oklahoma City and Pella, Iowa. Twombly is one of the mayor’s nine appointments. Sixteen appointments are allowed by Charter.

By putting more of the administrative duties in the hands of an experienced city manager, Bartlett said he will feel more comfortable about leaving the details to his staff so he can concentrate on economic development and priority issues that concern the citizens and the Council.

“It is important that the citizens know what we are doing for economic development and have information on all the issues they most care about – our streets, our public safety and our neighborhoods. This will give me more time to integrate with the community at large.

In addition, Twombly will be another point of contact for the Council and he will be committed to attending meetings and keeping the City Council advised of the needs for the City and measures being considered for implementation, Bartlett said. An organizational plan for the City is required to be submitted with the budget. The realignment of the organization will be part of the plan that accompanies with the Mayor’s budget proposal. He will present that proposal to the Council Thursday night at its 6 p.m. meeting.

With enhanced oversight for administrative functions and Council communications, the Mayor will be free to conduct other City business, and promote Tulsa to residents and visitors.

“With the accelerated Tulsa Metro Chamber efforts and recent investment in Tulsa’s Future, I want to work more closely with business leaders and dedicate more time to economic development efforts to focus on bringing jobs and companies to Tulsa,” Bartlett said. “Whenever we make decisions in the Mayor’s Office, we always ask, how many jobs will this create, attract or support?”

“We have the greatest city in the country, with valuable assets to sell to executives and potential new workers. I believe I can contribute greatly to the conversations and help in persuading businesses to take a hard look at Tulsa, especially those in the energy and alternative energy business.”

“I am working now on an initiative, which I will unveil soon, to bring manufacturing assets together with energy education in Tulsa to redefine Tulsa as the oil, natural gas and alternative energy capital of the world,” Bartlett continued. “This reorganization will give me time to lead this economic development effort.”

Twombly joined the City of Tulsa as a volunteer working with former Mayor Kathy Taylor’s administration for about six months and was asked to remain on staff when Mayor Bartlett took office in 2009. Twombly is the Mayor’s director over administrative functions and departments within the City of Tulsa. Those departments will continue to report to him, and he also will have the added responsibility of working with all of the Mayor’s staff and directors on a regular basis.

Mayor Bartlett has also asked Clay Bird, the Executive Director of the Tulsa Industrial Authority, to assist Twombly with administrative duties. Bird has assisted the Mayor’s Office with administrative and policy issues for the last year, as well as served as a liaison with the Councilors and Council staff. Bird, is a former chief of staff to former Mayor Bill LaFortune who served between 2002 and 2006. Bird also served as a Tulsa City Councilor between 2000 and 2002.

“Clay is dedicated to this City, as evidence by his continued commitment,” Bartlett said. “Clay offers a very well-rounded level of experience with both the administration and the council. He has enjoyed an excellent relationship with the Council administration and he is a tremendous asset.”

Updated 04-29-2011

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