Mayor, TDA and Brickhugger To Close on Old City Hall

Mayor Bartlett, Tulsa Development Authority and Brickhugger, LLC will hold a news conference on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 2 p.m. on the Plaza Level of old city hall as final closing documents for the former city hall will be signed.

After the final documents are signed, the former City Hall building will no longer be a public facility and on the city land rolls, but private property of Brickhugger, LLC. TULSA, Okla. – Brickhugger paid the City of Tulsa $1.2 million cash for the former City Hall site. The cash payment will go towards payment on bonds for the new city hall at One Technology Center.

Brickhugger’s plans for the former city hall site include a 200-room hotel and restaurant with surrounding retail development. The contract includes the former city hall building, the Francis Campbell building, which served as the City Council Chambers and 250 parking spaces, located on the street and basement levels by the building.

The construction and remodeling efforts expect to begin immediately. Citizens who frequent this area can expect heavier traffic around the site, as well as areas being taped-off to prepare for construction.

On Wednesday, Mayor Bartlett, representatives from the Tulsa Development Authority, Brickhugger and the architectural firm for the building will give brief remarks and introduce the concept for the site.

Immediately following the news conference will be an opportunity for media to get photographs/video of the final signatures being made on the closing document.

Updated 10-12-2010

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