Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa Partners with Tulsa’s Dream Center to Deliver 6,000 Meals

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LOADING UP: Executive Director of the Tulsa Dream Center Aaron Johnson, lower left, and President and Chief Executive Officer at Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa Calvin Moore, lower right, work to get meals read for delivery to those in need.

Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, a Tulsa-based, community funded nonprofit serving homebound individuals with nutritious meals and essential services, partnered with Tulsa Dream Center to deliver 6,000 meals to 1,500 families in North Tulsa during the pandemic.
In May, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa delivered 6,000 meals to Tulsa Dream Center to support its weekly drive-through grocery giveaways and meals deliveries. Families were able to receive nutritious meals along with a box of groceries for the week.
“We are appreciative for this partnership with Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa to help us provide meals to North Tulsans,” said Aaron Johnson, executive director at Tulsa Dream Center. “I believe that each of us can bring something unique to the solution, but that together we can do amazing things. We may not ever know how a meal can be so meaningful and give hope throughout this time.”
Tulsa Dream Center has been serving families in North Tulsa throughout COVID-19 and the need keeps growing. To maintain a consistent supply of meals and groceries, Tulsa Dream Center partners with local food organizations to stay stocked. 
Through the generous support from The Helmerich Family Trust, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa was able to expand its operations and delivery of 6,000 meals to Tulsa Dream Center during this crisis. The delivery was the largest distribution of meals in one location, at one time, for Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa during COVID-19.
“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to support our partners, like Tulsa Dream Center, to fill the nutrition gap in North Tulsa during this crisis,” said Calvin Moore, president and chief executive officer at Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa. “With support from generous donors, like The Helmerich Family Trust, our kitchen is able to produce a high quantity of nutritious meals for our community partners to support families in need.”
Through partners like Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, Tulsa Dream Center has provided 152,834 meals to families in North Tulsa since the start of COVID-19.
Additionally, Tulsa Transit is partnering with Meals on Wheels to deliver food.
Tulsa Transit’s Lift service operators, First Transit, are transitioning multiple paratransit vehicles to operate as a delivery service for Meals on Wheels. Drivers are running four-hour shifts Monday through Friday based on a schedule provided by the organization.
“First Transit is excited to partner with Meals on Wheels and assist with the amazing service they provide each day,” said Scott Marr, First Transit general manager.
Tara Harris, director of volunteer service for Meals on Wheels, gave First Transit management staff a tour of the facilities before the kick-off and explained how the two organizations would work together to provide the service.
The Tulsa Transit Call Center will also partake in Wellness Check training to further help quarantined seniors by connecting with clients and provide support remotely.
“Local organizational partnerships, especially during this time, are crucial for the community. Meals on Wheels provides an essential service and we are happy to help further their mission in any way we can,” said Ted Rieck, Tulsa Transit general manager.

About Tulsa Dream Center
The Tulsa Dream Center is providing relief in response to COVID-19 through weekly drive-thru grocery giveaways and meal deliveries to those in need in the heart of North Tulsa and the surrounding area. In addition, Tulsa Dream Center is serving as the primary North Tulsa food hub for Tulsa Public Schools to assemble and distribute breakfast and lunch for students every day of the week through the end of May. They are coordinating with other community organizations in order to further our reach and also utilizing volunteers to execute these services. Learn more at

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