Mid-October Crossword Puzzle & Answers

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1. Insect secretion 4. Any high mountain 7. Sixth Hebrew letter10. Canute The Great12. Operatic solo14. Large bag15. Aba ____ Honeymoon16. Soup server17. Give a job to18. Nasal partition20. Salty medicinal solution22. An upper limb23. Hominidae24. 7th Hindu month25. Penchants28. Box, (abbr.)30. Cubbyholes34. Macaws35. Information mgmt. network (abbr.) 36. Mortgage value ratio37. Owner’s bed & bath43. Swiss river44. A social outcast45. Plural of 34 across47. Shape of a sphere48. Actor ___ Pardue49. “Smelly Cat” singer Buffay52. High legislative assembly55. Intense in shade56. Impatient expectancy58. Taxis60. Taps or pats61. Tuff used in hydraulis cement62. Sheriff Wyatt ____63. Point midway between S and SE64. ___ Angeles65. A piece of land


1. PC screen material 2. Type genus of the anatidae 3. Rubix shape 4. Biblical name for Syria 5. Box top 6. Buddies 7. Conceited 8. 4840 sq. yards 9. Short for Godfrey’s guitar11. Spanish appetizers12. Graduated students13. Mariner14. Religion of Japan19. Stumble21. Whip24. Squash bug genus25. Singer Braxton26. Greece27. Moss capsule stalk28. Web ___ 29. Ensnare31. Early movie actress Lillian32. Australian flightless bird33. Russian Intelligence Service38. Military personnel39. Ireland40. Joint groove41. Opposite of givers42. Emerald Isle46. Keep up49. Legumes50. Greek goddess of youth51. British peer above a viscount52. Scottish tax53. Afrikaans54. A Spanish river55. Tooth caregiver57. Crunches federal numbers59. Seaport (abbr.)

Updated 10-25-2010

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