Mill Creek Carpet & Tile Unveils Revolutionary Carpet Fiber

SMART CARPET: Mill Creek Carpet and Tile unveils revolutionary SmartStrand Carpet Fiber, introduced exclusively at Mill Creek Carpet and Tile.

Mill Creek Carpet and Tile has introduced Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet fiber made with DuPont Sorona Polymer. This new carpet fiber boasts the durability of nylon carpet fiber, “built in” permanent stain resistance, and an ever popular soft touch. The new carpet fiber is very versatile, and samples include almost every type of carpet from standard textures to friezes and berber flecks.

“Based on its stain resistance and performance, this is the biggest advancement to hit the flooring industry in the last 20 years,” explains Chris Berger, director of marketing for Mill Creek. “What makes this product so unique is that the stain resistance is ‘engineered in.’ It is not a treatment applied to the carpet fiber that will wear off like every other stain protection. No matter how many times you clean it, the stain resistance is not affected.”

In demonstrations, SmartStrand carpet has shown stain resistance that other carpet fibers can’t match, including mustard, red wine, bleach, and acne medications. Most tough stains can be removed with just warm water and a mild detergent. This prompted Mohawk to offer its first ever Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty for carpet made with SmartStrand fiber.

SmartStrand carpet is currently available exclusively at any of the ten Mill Creek Carpet and Tile locations in Oklahoma. This product is exclusive to Mohawk Industries, and they are using Mill Creek to launch this product into the market and will later distribute it to other dealers.

Mill Creek Kitchens is adding Lyptus to its expansive offering of wood species in its Dura Supreme Designer and Alectra cabinetry lines. A relatively new, plantation-grown wood species, Lyptus resembles mahogany with its rich, red coloring and its tight grain pattern. Lyptus can be seen on display at Mill Creek Kitchen’s newly remodeled show room located at 7011 East 40th St. in Tulsa.

“This wood species offers a very unique look for cabinetry,” explained Berger. “It lends itself to a variety of looks, from contemporary to traditional to rustic, and yet it offers our customers a completely different look than what is afforded with the familiar oak, maple, and cherry woods. It’s also an outstanding design option to be able to offer for our semi-custom and custom cabinetry.”

The wood species is available for Mill Creek’s most popular door styles and is available in 10 different colors. A new collection of “distressed” finishes is also available for Lyptus.

Mill Creek Kitchens and Mill Creek Carpet and Tile are owned by Mill Creek Companies, a chain with six lumberyards, a custom mill, architectural woodworking plant, a wholesale operation, a professional tool and fastener retail operation, a commercial flooring division, and 17 retail carpet and tile stores. The company, headquartered in Tulsa, has locations in eight Oklahoma cities, as well as five locations in Texas. The company was founded in 1934, and today is owned by the Jim Dunn family of Tulsa and employs over 400 full time employees. Jeff Dunn presides as the current president with his father, Jim Dunn, as chairman.

Updated 08-20-2005

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