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In Oklahoma, high winds due to extreme weather such as tornados can devastate or even destroy homes. Mill Creek Lumber & Supply’s solution is the DuPont StormRoom with Kevlar, an aboveground, in-home shelter reinforced with the same material used in bullet-resistant vests that help protect police and military forces.

One of the newest storm products on the market, the DuPont StormRoom with Kevlar can double as an extra room or storage space such as a wine cellar, closet or powder room, providing homeowners with year-round utility. Items placed inside the room throughout the year can be protected by the room’s security door and number pad. Many storm rooms are installed as a storage space in a homeowner’s garage.

The rooms are available in both pre-built and custom configurations and can be added to an existing home or incorporated into any building plan. Because the DuPont StormRoom with Kevlar allows for electricity and plumbing installation, as well as cell phone and radio reception, people can stay on top of the latest news and weather information during a storm.

Mill Creek Lumber & Supply, an authorized local distributor will install the structure. “The storm room acts as a safety net,” explains Mike Allen, a salesperson for Mill Creek, “helping to deflect objects that become airborne during deadly storms.”

The DuPont StormRoom with Kevlar meets the Federal Emergency Management Agency national performance standard for hurricane and tornado shelters and can withstand wind speeds of up to 250 miles-per-hour. The strength of Kevlar laminated sheathing built inside reinforced wall panels provides the stopping power needed for a tornado and hurricane shelter.

“The DuPont StormRoom can withstand 100,000 pounds of compression,” explains Chris Berger, Director of Marketing for Mill Creek. “A family needs to act quickly in an event of a tornado,” says Berger. “The DuPont StormRoom allows the family to move easily into an aboveground in-home shelter with peace of mind for their safety.”

For more information on DuPont StormRoom with Kevlar, builders and homeowners can call Mill Creek at (918) 461-9090, or log onto

Updated 03-20-2006

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