Missouri Military Academy: Preparation for College and Life

PREPARING TO LEAD: The Missouri Military Academy is a 120-year old preparatory military boarding school located in Mexico, Missouri. The school is one of the few of its kind in the United States. Strong academics are reached through leadership. Leadership is one of the most important part of the school?s curriculum.

The Missouri Military Academy is one of the very few all-male college preparatory military boarding schools in the nation. Located in Mexico, Mo., this 120-year old private school bases it?s strengths on traditions and values. Leadership is the key to creating strong academic achievements. Cadets (students) learn through a structured, traditional learning environment that includes self-discipline, teamwork, motivation and the ability to learn how to lead as well as follow.

The Corps of Cadets at is comprised of young men from different academic, social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. The last term, the Academy had cadets from 28 different states in the United States and 18 different foreign nations. is truly a multicultural learning environment. A cadet?s roommate could be from Texas, Massachusetts or even mainland China. Each has his own reason for wanting to attend.

Missouri Military Academy is not an alternative for juvenile detention. Typically, 98 percent of the graduating seniors will attend the college or university of their choice. is a structured and motivating environment where staff expects the best efforts from every cadet. Just as in all other areas of life, there are rules that must be followed.

There are responsibilities that must be met, tests that must be taken and people who deserve respect. Each cadet is held responsible for his choices. Although there is a no tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol or violence, it is school policy to temper justice with mercy so that each cadet is not stretched beyond his capability to successfully complete whatever he might be asked to do. People do not know what they are capable of doing until they are challenged academically, physically and mentally. At , they believe each young man?s reach should exceed his grasp just far enough to show him his successes. The goals are attainable and age-appropriate to prepare young men for college. The environment is geared towards developing the ?whole person? academically, mentally, spiritually and physically.

boasts an impressive 11 to 1 student to teacher ratio. With an average class size of 5 ? 12 students, teachers are able to provide much needed individual attention. In addition to core subjects, the Academy offers many elective courses that give a cadet a glimpse of future college course studies: economics, accounting and international business for a potential business major or microbiology for upcoming future physicians. Homesickness is deterred with required athletics and an abundance of clubs and organizations for each young man to choose.

A typical day for cadets at proves the effectiveness of planning and implementation. Keeping cadets minds and bodies active has proven to be an essential element in developing a positive self-image and a success-oriented lifestyle. After waking up at 6 a.m., Cadets have a short physical fitness period. ?First mess? (otherwise known as breakfast) provides not only a nutritious but delicious start to the day. After breakfast, the cadets shower and get ready for their academic day. There is morning military formation, inspection, colors ceremony and announcements before they enter a 35-mintue ?extra help? study hall. Four 45-mintue classes follow and then fellowship as the cadets share ?second mess? about noon, and on to another three afternoon classes. Following class is another extra help session that is mandatory if a cadet fails to complete a homework assignment for the day. To work off the day?s stresses and to strengthen their bodies, all cadets participate in athletics until dinner at 6 p.m. After dinner, Cadets have a mandatory study session from 7 until 9 p.m. At 10 p.m. lights are out.

?To determine if a young man is a candidate for admission, we evaluate transcripts, teachers? evaluations, standardized test scores, behavioral history and of course the parent?s assessment of their child with the application. We do not have a minimum grade point average for admission,? said Captain Andy Craig, Director of Marketing and Administration Counselor. ?Our motto of Structure for Learning ? Leadership for Life is proven to work. We are looking for a young man who has the potential to be successful at . Many boys who had poor grades in the past develop better study habits and improve their when placed in a more structured setting.?

Missouri Military Academy has an enrolling admissions process that allows the Academy to accept new students through the first eight weeks during each semester. Applications are accepted and campus tours are available year round. has made it a priority to keep the Academy affordable and has not raised the cost of tuition over the past three years. Payment plans are available and families may apply for a need-based grant directly from the Academy. For more information on considering for your son?s educational future, visit www.MissouriMilitaryAcademy.com, or call (573) 581-1776.

Updated 06-15-2009

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