Mrs. Jenks Spreads Kindness

JESSICA WALTER: In March, Jessica Walter competed as Mrs. Jenks in the Mrs. Oklahoma America pageant, held in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Local volunteer and educator Jessica Walter recently represented Jenks as Mrs. Jenks in competing for the title of Mrs. Oklahoma America in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Walter is the first Mrs. Jenks representative to compete in the Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant.

Walter, recently wedded to her high school sweetheart, Jonathan Walter, was chosen to compete for the title from a field of applicants received throughout the state. “Helping others is what inspired me to enter this pageant. I’m really looking forward to working with my community and volunteering in more ways,” says Walter.

Since being named Mrs. Jenks, she has been volunteering at the Tulsa Children’s Hospital and was named an Ambassador for the Children’s Hospital. She will be volunteering there on a weekly basis to read to children.

Walter has also been volunteering at the Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch for almost three years, working with youth and horses. She adopted one of the horses, Johnny, from the ranch in June. “Johnny was very sick and had a background of abuse and neglect,” she says. “After adopting him, I watched him blossom, and he has become a completely different horse.”

Walter’s platform is spreading love and kindness by working with children and animals and encouraging others to do so.

“Johnny has showed me that you can heal from trauma and go on to live a successful and purposeful life.”

At the Mrs. Oklahoma America pageant, Walter received the Ambassador’s Award for her volunteer work and for being an advocate and voice for different organizations to encourage donations and volunteerism in the community.

“I still have many upcoming volunteer events and am very excited to continue my platform and community service,” she says.

Walter is currently a graduate student at Oklahoma State University, working towards her master’s in Curriculum Studies and Leadership. She hopes to design her own curriculum geared towards building critical thinking skills in science and social studies for classrooms and one day open her own homeschool organization.

Updated 04-19-2018

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