National Club Wants Splaterday Activism

The Board of Directors of the Art Smart Club has just released details of the much talked about Splaterday. In a historic meeting, board members clarified Splaterday as a time for people to re-direct thought processes to create a new day, preferably a happy one.

Each member contributed, adding depth as to how this new day could be achieved. They are aware each person can change life by changing minds. Outsiders spoke of hearing heated discussions on the prioritization of the list. The struggle was apparent by the fur, feathers and paint on the boardroom floor.

Board members had the following comments:
• Splat proposed it should be about new ideas and change.
• Cat proposed changing attitudes to live happy.
• Rat proposed this should be a time of play.
• Eagle proposed it should be about achieving high goals.
• Donkey proposed an action plan to carry large loads.

After hours of discussion, members unanimously approved “Bring Your Ideas To Life” as a slogan worthy of the Club’s mission.

The portrait “Papa” was approved last week for display on the Web site. Papa is the painter who created Splat from a drop of paint by giving him eyes, mouth, arms and legs.

The Activity Booklet was voted the best, most effective tool in providing a path for self-exploration and` communication while having fun. The booklet proudly displays board members throughout and invites reader participation into activities. Removable vinyl stickers are now available to promote everybody’s personal Splaterday Celebration. Proceeds from the sale of this Activity Booklet help support the Art Smart Design Competition and other Club activities.

Parents, Activity Directors & Educators
The Splaterday Discussion Groups have been approved as a venue for activity directors and educators to learn more about the Art Smart Club program. Current discussion groups take place at the Club’s base camp, the Art Play Center, 7976 E. 41 St., Tulsa. This space is graciously donated by Tulsa Stained Glass Company. The informational events are for adults only. The title is Bring Your Ideas to Life. Featured guest speakers will discuss the virtues of the creative process, how they begin and proper maintenance. Light snacks, door prizes and more are provided. Space is limited so reservations are recommended. Call (918) 665-2646 for dates and times for the next Discussion Group. Please e-mail for guest speakers.

Updated 10-21-2008

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