Nearly 200 High School Seniors Compete at Tulsa Welding Competition

Tulsa, Ok – February 25, 2010- From California to North Carolina 198 high school seniors arrived in Tulsa over the weekend all vying for scholarships to the top welding school in America. Welders are retiring at an overwhelming rate and it is encouraging to see so many students interested in the future of our country.  If you don’t believe we need welders look around every structure requires a welder from gates to building. These students are our future bridge and structure builders.

“It was very encouraging to see such talented welders emerging from high schools in our country, we can’t train these kids fast enough to keep up with the demand of skilled welders,” says Dawn Bravo, Chief Marketing Officer.

Over 700 people came through the doors of the Tulsa Welding School on Saturday touring the facilities.

High School Teachers were able to get in on the action too. Lincoln Welding brought out a virtual welder and the teachers had a small competition while waiting for their students. Parents from all over the country got a chance to tour off-campus housing and learned about the different aspects of sending their child to Tulsa Welding School.

David Cobb states, “Tulsa Welding School is the best welding training you can get anywhere in the USA.” Cobb was a guest speaker from Northrup Grumman, the largest manufacturer of ship building in the US.

Top Honors went to a high school student from St. Louis Missouri who received a full tuition scholarship to the welding school. Missouri students took 3rd and 4th places as well. While a Louisiana senior received 2nd place and a student all the way from Arizona took 5th.  The top 25 students took home various scholarships and prizes. Over $150,000 in scholarships and prizes were awarded for the day.

In addition to the competition, students had a chance to see some of the latest and greatest welding equipment including welding hoods from 3M and a robotic arm from AIRGAS.

About Tulsa Welding School:

Tulsa Welding School was founded in 1949 and has grown into the largest accredited private welding school in the United States. The school currently offers training for students pursuing jobs as professional welders at two locations Tulsa, OK and Jacksonville, FL. Both schools have been given accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and College.  It is also a member of the American Welding Society and the Career College Association. Additional information can be found at

Updated 02-26-2010

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