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BLUE RIBBON GATHERING: Members of the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, the City of Broken Arrow and Broken Arrow Public Schools officials gathered recently to celebrate the completion of the new Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center.

The City of Broken Arrow celebrated the completion of The Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center on May 26. To commemorate the event a ribbon cutting ceremony was held where the superintendent of Broken Arrow Public Schools, Dr. Gary Gerber, did the honors.

Dr. Gerber described the new center as, “a beautiful place that will bring talent to the area.” He thanked Broken Arrow because, without the support, the facility would not have been possible.

The Mayor of Broken Arrow, Mike Lester, was excited to attend the event and believes that the facility will benefit both students and the community. “We’re glad that it’s here. It says not what we can do but who we are,” adds Lester. He emphasized that Broken Arrow schools have made the community what it is today.

Don Beck, the architect of the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, also spoke during the ceremony. He says that it was a, “once in a lifetime opportunity to work on a project.” Beck also mentions that it was, “an honor that Broken Arrow put their trust in the firm.”

The Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center is both structurally and technologically innovative. The large auditorium features an easily accessible layout with plenty of room for the entire community to come and enjoy events. There are a total of 1,000 seats at the stage level and 500 seats in the mezzanine. All of the seats have a great-unobstructed view of the stage.

The stage has a large area with accommodations for a variety of props. There are hydraulic lifts built into the stage that allow heavy props to be changed quickly and easily between scenes. A large area below the stage will provide the facility with ample storage. There is also a large stagecraft area where preparations can be made during productions.

The Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center has brand new offices surrounding the auditorium. Broken Arrow Public Schools will have plenty of room for the executive staff and the superintendent. There will also be a large area for human resources as well as finance and treasury offices. All of the offices are spacious and open with windows surrounding them.

The Grand Opening of the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center will be held during the last week of September. Broken Arrow Public Schools will perform a play during the week to celebrate their new facility.

Updated 07-06-2009

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