New Batteries Installed in Downtown Tulsa Parking Meters

The Tulsa Public Works traffic engineering section installed 70 new batteries to downtown multi-space parking meters. After reprogramming was complete, all multi-space meters downtown became operable. There are presently 91 multi-space meters in the City of Tulsa.

Funding for the multi-space batteries cost $6,300 from a local supplier and was funded by the Public Works Traffic Operations budget.

“We are currently looking at various revenue enhancements that will increase our city’s revenues,” Mayor Bartlett said. “The parking meter system is one service that could be done on a contract basis to ensure the meters are maintained and operable.”

“There is potential to increase our revenues and give downtown merchants and business owners more short-term parking to serve their customers. We are looking for the best option for the business owners and the City of Tulsa,” the mayor added.

Updated 05-24-2010

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