New Book Uses Humor In Recounting Former Exec’s Switch To Stay-At-Home Dad After Being Laid Off

PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 08, 2010 – The rigid family roles when “mad men” ruled supreme fifty years ago seem almost ludicrous by today’s standards where mothers now direct boardrooms and fathers manage playrooms. While many families have consciously made this choice, many more were forced to do so as a result of the economy. In his book, SUGAR MILK: What One Dad Drinks When He Can’t Afford Vodka (March 30, 2010 / $16.95 / ISBN 978-1-450-20403-3 / iUniverse Inc.), writer Ron Mattocks shows that he understands the personal impact of this situation as well as any man in the same position—and there are many. 

•   In July 2009, the number of unemployed men jumped 77% year-over-year 
•   In the first five months of 2009, 5.4% of working wives had unemployed husbands compared to 2.4% in 2008 
•   Of the 11.3 million preschoolers with working mothers, 25% are cared for primarily by the father   
•   Reuters reported that in July 2009, 1 million families had a working wife, a child under 18 years old and an unemployed father. 

As an executive in the homebuilding industry, Ron sees the coming economic downturn and, as a precaution, relocates away from his three sons to take a more secure position. En route, he meets his eventual wife and her two little girls through an odd internet experiment. But, when he unexpectedly loses his new job and can’t find work, Ron suddenly finds himself thrust into the unfamiliar role of a stay-at-home dad to his stepdaughters while living apart from his own children. 

In Sugar Milk: What One Dad Drinks When He Can’t Afford Vodka, Ron combines, deep honesty, insight, and wit as he recounts his journey from the comfortable corporate world to a new world full of financial stress, lonely afternoons, and subversive Care Bears as he gains a new perspective on fatherhood. 

Sugar Milk has already received attention from among others, Reuters News, The Globe and Mail, and Blog Talk Radio. For more details visit 

Updated 02-09-2010

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