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(PRWEB) February 25, 2010 — is a new free social networking website designed for sports fans. Built to be the answer for those who feel “over exposed” on other social sites, FanHarmony is made to be just about sports. “We don’t want to know who your dating, we just want to know what you really get passionate about, Sports!” explains CEO Kyle Sliger.

Other social sites want users to enter all kinds of deep, personal stuff, favorite musicians, politics, relationship status, even the brand of toilet paper they use. FanHarmony stays right on the surface. People shouldn’t feel like they’re walking around town in a hospital gown just because they have an online profile.

During a recent interview Kyle was asked if had any well-known sports writers. “We don’t have any big time sports writers here,” Kyle replied. “This is a website designed by and for sports fans. FanHarmony isn’t supposed to be a few chosen people writing stuff to the masses. It’s built for all fans to be the writers. They get to build the content. Every fan can express their opinions and team spirit.”

FanHarmony is free and open for everyone to participate. Fans can:

  • Build a profile
  • Add pictures
  • Connect with other fans
  • Comment on the blog posts
  • Write a blog entry

Kyle added, “Who knows, maybe they’ll become someone’s favorite sports writer”

Fan Compatibility Quiz:
Kyle explains, “Being a fan is like a relationship. Everyone can see when only one person in a relationship is involved and the other person is just sucking the life and happiness out of him or her. There are tons of websites dedicated to helping people find their perfect mate. It occurred to me that maybe a test could be developed that would match fans with a team that would fit their own personality and commitment level” So together with his team of developers, he went to work building a personality test that matches fans with teams.

“Going by team history and performance records, we try to match the more resilient people with teams that need a more dedicated fan base. For instance the Chicago Cubs. If you can’t handle the fact that the Cubbies haven’t won a World Series in the last hundred years, then maybe you should root for another team,” said Kyle.

Updated 02-25-2010

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