New Project is Underway

LOOKING AHEAD: Tulsa City Councilor Bill Christiansen, Commissioner Fred Perry and Bixby Mayor Ray Bowen pause to inspect the new widening project at 111th Street South and Sheridan Road.

The intersection of 111th Street South and Sheridan Road has been a source of traffic congestion for years. Recently, Tulsa County teamed with the cities of Tulsa and Bixby to expand and refit the intersection. This project is one of several in the recent past where Tulsa County partners with a municipality to build infrastructure.

The current project at 111th and Sheridan focuses each entity on a specific portion of the project. Tulsa County provides equipment and manpower. The City of Tulsa provides traffic signals. The City of Bixby provides materials.

“This project is an example of how we have been using our resources at Tulsa County to assist our partner municipal governments,” says Commissioner Fred Perry. “More importantly, cooperation is what our taxpayers expect and deserve. This arrangement provides for an efficient solution. This kind of cooperation goes on frequently. It’s the controversies that hit the headlines.”

Tulsa City Councilor Bill Christiansen and Bixby Mayor Ray Bowen have both been involved in the planning of this project.

“After the new Wal-Mart at 111th and Memorial opened, congestion became a real problem. When I called the county, they were happy to team up,” notes Councilor Bill Christiansen.

He adds, “I appreciate the team-work approach that has been taken to this project.”
“We have a history of teaming with Tulsa County on these kinds of projects. Bixby really appreciates our relationship with Tulsa County and we’re certainly glad to have the City of Tulsa participating in this project, too. It just makes sense,” adds Mayor Ray Bowen.

Updated 09-03-2010

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