New Tulsa Strategic Plan Focuses on Goals

From Tulsa’s Mayor by Mayor G. T. Bynum

Since December 2016, the City Council and I have been working to refine our goals for making Tulsa a globally competitive world-class city. Earlier this summer the City Council and I came together for a biannual retreat to continue this work.

During our time together, we took part in a hands-on activity that mapped out where outside agencies can best help City Hall initiatives and our relationship to those agencies. The retreat was just the first step in developing a Strategic Plan, which is set to be in place by the end of the year.

Our new Strategic Plan will outline the specifics for how our entire organization will work to lead, collaborate, or support our partners in the community to help us attain citywide goals. The Office of Performance Strategy and Innovation is leading this tremendous effort by gathering information about where we currently are and where we need to improve. My staff, the City Council and City leadership are working together to create and execute the strategies that will work best for our organization.

When complete, the Strategic Plan will help all City staff remain focused on the goals and strategies as we create budgets and allocate resources to deliver world-class services to our citizens. The Office of Performance Strategy and Innovation is hard at work engaging City employees, residents, businesses and our partners in the community in gathering vital information to focus our efforts on, in the coming years.

To guide this effort, our Strategic Planning Steering Committee is leading the way. They convened in July and will be meeting once a month through November. The steering committee members will also serve as ambassadors of the strategic planning effort to the areas they represent.

The City’s Strategic Plan, when completed, will be used – it won’t be placed on a shelf to gather dust. My staff and senior leadership will use it to help with next year’s efforts to put together a budget to present to the City Council that aligns with the goals we have set for our community.

I am committed to empowering all City employees and will consider it a great success when every one of them is able to connect their daily tasks and overall jobs to the goals we’ve set. We expect the Strategic Plan to help employees make that connection. For more information about the Strategic Plan, visit and search ‘strategic plan.’

Updated 08-29-2017

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