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Increasing the value of its offerings, Cricket Communications, Inc, a leading provider of unlimited wireless services, has announced a new rate plan that includes unlimited advantage of the industry’s most competitive rates.

“We have always believed in the power of unlimited,” says Brett Parker, district director for Cricket in Tulsa. “This new rate plan reiterates our commitment to providing our customers with calling plans that meet and exceed their needs, all with our value of unlimited. By providing all of our customers with free unlimited text, picture and instant messaging, they will be able to take advantage of a service that provides convenience, flexibility and ease of use. That, coupled with our new nationwide offering, will give our customers the advantage of knowing that wherever they go, we’re going with them.”

The new rate plan includes the unlimited features that have become Cricket’s trademark, while providing the flexibility to roam affordably. The new rate plan is as follows: $60 Cricket Nation, includes unlimited anytime minutes; unlimited U.S. long distance; unlimited text, picture and instant messaging; voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and 3-way calling; home calling in all Cricket markets; and 200 Nationwide minutes.

The plan allows Cricket customers the convenience to roam anywhere in the continental United States, knowing they are backed by Cricket’s reliable service.

Other features customers can add onto their plans include international long distance packages (including Canada and Mexico); nationwide roaming packages; unlimited mobile Web and new voice mail, caller ID and call waiting upgrade packages priced at $3 and $5. For more information on the new rate plans offered by Cricket, visit

Updated 05-07-2007

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