NFL First Round Picks May be Falling into Place

Daniel Cameron
Assistant Publisher

Who do you think will be the first pick in the draft?

Andrew Luck was the pundit favorite, but he has chosen to finish college. Now it seems like the experts are scrambling to find “the one.”

Cam Newton has announced his decision to join the . Fellow Auburn brute Nick Fairly has chosen to head to the pros.

Oklahoma State Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon and quarterback Brandon Weeden will Remain at Oklahoma State for their senior season.

’s gunslinger Andy Dalton played very well, but radio and television pundits are tabbing Dalton as a later pick. Washington’s Jake Locker seems to have passed his time in the spotlight, but has shown moments of brilliance throughout his career with the Huskies.

The Crimson Tide’s Mark Ingram was the 2009 Heisman winner. Could he get the call?

What about Stanford’s beast Owen Marecic? This guy started as Tight End and Linebacker. The first ’60 minute man’ in college football since Deion Sanders. Marecic was awarded the Paul Hornung Award, given to college football’s most versatile player.

The Oklahoma Sooners are graduating DeMarco Murray, one of the program’s most prolific runners. He is the school’s all-time leader in all-purpose yards (6,718), touchdowns (65), points (390) and receiving yards by a running back (1,571). He will play in the Senior Bowl.

Another Big-12 brute is Roy Helu, Jr. of Nebraska. Anyone remember his 307 yard rushing performance against Missouri?

editors are looking for commentary and insight here. Who do you think will be the first-round pick in the draft and why?

Updated 01-14-2011

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