Now’s the Time to Move Greater Tulsa Forward

Mayor of Tulsa

Tulsa County voters will decide on Nov. 6 if Vision2 will be the transformative piece we need to move Tulsa forward. We’ve already seen the success of Vision 2025, in projects like the Center, Tulsa Convention Center, and multiple housing and neighborhood projects. Vision2 is simply a continuation of the great progress we have already made with the passage of Vision 2025 with two ballot proposals.

The first question on the ballot would repair and greatly improve the World War II vintage hangars, buildings and infrastructure the city owns at the Tulsa International Airport. We own more than six million square feet of space that we lease to employers. If we are to be competitive, we must have up-to-date facilities at our airport that will easily accommodate any airplane flying in the world today. We need to support our airport and maintain our buildings because there are 13,000 jobs there that will go elsewhere if we don’t.

The second question on the ballot is about the quality of life in each city in Tulsa County. If approved, Tulsa would receive $158 million for projects. We have been listening to the voices of Tulsans throughout several years of planning workshops and open meetings, as well as task forces that have made various recommendations that we continue to build upon. We have no fewer than six master plans, which cover the Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa Parks, Arkansas River, PLANiTULSA, downtown, transit, expressway and roads, and many others.

It’s time to put our plans to work. We have laid the groundwork over several years and received citizen input. Now is the time to turn our plans into transformative projects and opportunities. In the past few weeks, we have held forums around the city and received online feedback to gain citizen input for projects. Some of the most common input received involved the many plans we already have in place, much like the Tulsa Zoo and our Crown Jewel – the Arkansas River.

Now is our time, Tulsa. Our future is bright, but it is up to us on how we move forward.

Updated 10-22-2012

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