Oklahoma City Based QuiBids a Hit, Expands Features

Oklahoma City, Okla. – When you think of the word ‘badges,’ what comes to mind? Some may think about the hilariously popular 1974 movie, Blazing Saddles, where a bandit says, “Badges… we don’t need no stinking badges!” However, for QuiBids, they think just the opposite.

This past week, QuiBids revealed the newest addition to its site, Badges, also referred to as QuiBids Achievements. This new feature allows users of QuiBids to be able to display their skills and experience on the site. There are currently 18 badges to achieve; however, more are in the works. “This is something we’ve been working on for a long while and feel it’s been needed for the online auction industry,” said Matt Beckham, QuiBids’ . “We want to continue to progress the industry by adding new features and ways to engage users, other than just competitive bidding. This adds another aspect to ‘Entertainment Shopping.’

Long past are the days of sitting and hoping to win an auction, watching the countdown repeatedly and only coming away with simply having to pay retail for products. Participants can now show they’ve aced an auction with the ‘Win in One Badge’ or show their strength and determination with the ‘Iron Man Challenge Badge.’ Participants will be able to see some of the achievements others have earned. As for QuiBids, they believe in stellar badges!


Updated 01-12-2011

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