Oklahoma Legislature Honors Biggest Loser


OKLAHOMA – The Oklahoma Legislature honored NBC’s 2009 Biggest Loser Danny Cahill with a resolution recognizing his record-breaking weight loss. Sen. Bill Brown and Rep John Trebilcock presented Cahill with Senate Concurrent Resolution 38 applauding him for losing 239 pounds in seven months – a record in itself on the hit television series that is now in its ninth season.

“Danny’s strength and determination through this process was such an inspiration for so many across the nation and especially here in Oklahoma,” said Brown, R-Tulsa. “We have an obesity epidemic that is costing our country and state millions of dollars each year, but more importantly it’s tragically cutting thousands of lives short. I’m glad the Biggest Loser and people like Danny are helping raise awareness of this health problem and giving people the courage to make a change.” Like most Americans, Cahill had struggled with his weight for most of his 40 years. Not only did his weight affect his health, but it also put a stop to his music career which included playing with names such as Donnie Osmond and PC Quest who reached Billboard’s top 40 and was signed with Records. “I was a sinking ship…a lost cause…until I learned to love myself again and make my health a priority,” said Cahill. “Thanks to the Biggest Loser, I not only lost 239 pounds in less than seven months, but I got my dream of music back, as well as a platform to motivationally speak and help millions of others reach their potential and achieve their goals. This is an incredible journey that is far from over!” Since winning Biggest Loser, Cahill now spends his time traveling around the country as a motivational speaker and has began focusing on his music career recording his first song, “Second Chance”. “I’m proud of Danny for being such a great role model for his family and the millions of viewers that followed him throughout his weight loss journey,” said Trebilcock, R-Tulsa. “Not only are we dealing with people dying at a young age because of their weight, we’re also dealing with the tremendous costs of obesity. As a country, we need to follow in Danny’s footsteps and work towards living healthier lifestyles.” According to the United Health Foundation, Oklahoma is the 49th most unhealthy state in the country. Over 31 percent of Oklahomans are obese, and that number is expected to increase to over 56 percent by 2018. Based on data collected through the Behaviorial Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and the National Health Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), it is estimated that over $79.4 billion is spent annually due to obesity in the U.S. With the projected increase in obesity levels, this number could increase to nearly $344 billion by 2018, or about $1,424 per citizen. In Oklahoma, it’s estimated that $1.07 billion is spent on obesity each year and that number is expected to increase to $5.1 billion in 2018, or about $1,906 per Oklahoma adult.

Updated 02-10-2010

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