Oklahoma Thunder, Hot Summer Football


The Oklahoma Thunder football team is showing up on everyone’s radar. At the first game of the Oklahoma Thunder, Prentiss Elliott was already in the spotlight with scouts from the New England Patriots. Later visits have included scouts from the St. Louis Rams and calls from agents out of Kansas.

It’s no wonder; this guy is for real. Elliott’s stats through the first two games included five touchdowns and over 500 total yards.

The Oklahoma Thunder is part of a revival of the 1970’s World Football league. The World Football League first emerged in 1973 with the purpose of providing men with the opportunity to play in a competitive football league that paralleled and competed with the . The league began with 12 teams. After two seasons, the league disbanded.

In 2008, several ambitious men took the reins of the dormant league and the new was born with a fresh mission. The new owners wanted to avoid competition with the and chose to provide a developmental football league for athletes who wanted to continue playing competitive football. The league has now become the world’s only developmental football league. In its first year under new ownership, the included six teams. The league has expanded in 2009 and now includes 16 teams in eight states with several commitments for the 2010 season from franchises in Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver, BC.

Updated 06-15-2009

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