Oklahoma’s Green Deal Includes Natural Gas


Oklahoma’s Green Deal: Natural Gas. The Green New Deal proposed by New York Congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently gained national attention. Her main emphasis is on the need to battle global warming and the answer is a “massive government intervention.”
The Green New Deal proposes to increase funding in billions of dollars to eliminate fossil fuels, to implement better energy efficiencies especially regarding buildings, and to have air travel replaced with rails. Is this proposal to be taken seriously? A recent survey by programs at Yale and George Mason Universities showed that 92 percent of Democrats, and 64 percent of Republicans support the Green New Deal.
The deal is a 10-year governmental intervention program which has a goal of achieving 100 percent of U.S. power demand from clean, renewable and zero-emissions sources. With the 2020 elections before us, and the outcomes uncertain, energy education is needed more than ever.
Across the State of Oklahoma, from Tulsa to Elk City, there are reserves of natural gas. Net exports of natural gas continue to grow. Liquefied natural gas continues to grow as a significant U.S. export. Liquefied natural gas export facilities are currently under construction in the U.S. Asian demand growth continues to grow.
In my book, “America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan”, natural gas is addressed. Natural gas reserves are critical to a strong US economy and extremely important for America’s energy security. Natural gas is available. We should definitely be embracing it in the U.S. for transportation and power generation in even a bigger way. Natural gas is an abundant, clean fuel that has many domestic uses. It is important to our country’s energy sustainability.
Natural gas pros: Natural gas burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels. Natural gas can be piped into homes to provide heating, cooking, and to run appliances. Natural gas can be used as a fuel for vehicles. Natural gas is relatively abundant, clean-burning, and easy to distribute.
America, and for that matter, Oklahoma, needs to take the lead in energy leadership for us to achieve energy security. Throughout the speeches I have made around the country, I have stated my belief that America should be the center for energy excellence because the world needs our expertise. Natural gas and all forms of energy will be necessary in the future. My theme now for more than 25 years has been “striving for energy efficiency and environmental preservation.” It is time to take a stand and evaluate our own impact.
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Mark A. Stansberry is c hairman of The GTD Group, an award-winning author and energy advocate. Facebook: National Energy Talk.

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