One Woman’s Journey to Pursue Everything

What if dreams were meant to come true? Marci Nault, a 36-year-old woman, explores this idea with the launch of her new website created to inspire people to go after their bucket-list.

The website showcases Ms. Nault’s own list of 101 dreams she’s trying to achieve by June 4, 2012 with links to each dream she has completed to date. The site allows the visitor to armchair travel through Ms. Nault’s amazing journey with photographs, slideshows, travel stories, and inspirational articles. Her adventures to date include: living in Tuscany; traveling to Alaska, China, Vienna, Japan, Tibet, New Zealand and Africa; buying a home and paying for it in full; learning to figure skate, scuba dive, and white water kayak; flying in a hot air balloon; hiking Half Dome in Yosemite; rafting the Zambezi; and receiving agent representation for her fiction novel. On her blog,, she shares her day-to-day journey of what it’s like to try to go from an ordinary life to fulfilling her deepest wishes, says David Klosen, marketing director for 101 Dreams Come True.

Lynn Armitage, from says, “I recognize Marci’s spirit because at one time in my life there was a lot of her in me. I wanted to travel the world, meet fabulous people and eat amazing food with fantastic men. Then life happened. The website reminds me that ordinary is boring and the absence of dreams, of reaching for the stars, ages one quickly. Marci’s belief system that you’re never too old to pursue your dreams has inspired me to remember mine.”

The idea for 101 Dreams Come True came in June of 2008 after Ms. Nault watched her brother lie in a coma after contracting (penicillin-resistant Staph). The event changed her, and she began to wonder what life would be like if she lived for the moment and pushed away fear. This led to her list of 101 dreams. “Actively pursuing my dreams has changed who I am and how I view the world. I’m hoping my experiences can be an inspiration to others. When you pursue what you really desire life gets exciting,” says Ms. Nault.

The website includes discussion boards where visitors can share their list of dreams and get ideas on how to make them reality. Ms. Nault also shares the guided visualization techniques she uses to achieve her goals. Visitors can buy photographs found on the site at

Marci Nault is a fiction writer represented by Yfat Reiss Gendell of Foundry Literary Associates. She’s an avid figure skater, traveler, and salsa dancer. She lives in California where she is actively pursuing her 101 Dreams Come True.

Updated 02-07-2010

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