ORU Celebrates 10 Years of Quest Scholarships

Ten years of the Quest Whole Person Scholarship means nearly 6,000 Oral Roberts University students have benefited from this amazing program.
To celebrate a decade of helping students, ORU’s Alumni Association hosted a scholarship dinner Feb. 18 in Lippencott Auditorium at the Global Learning Center. The dinner featured the two people responsible for helping launch the scholarships, Mardel CEO Mart Green and Jamie Weathers, class of 2008 student response speaker. It was Weathers’ inspiring speech that prompted Green, who was chair of the Board of Trustees at the time, to launch the program.
“I felt very strongly: here is a moment in time that we have an opportunity to actually inspire and motivate people,” said Weathers. “I thought, why not make this moment really great?”
Currently, 75 percent of ORU students benefit from a Quest scholarship and even more students will benefit from the International Quest Whole Person Scholarship, which ORU launched last year in honor of the its founder, Oral Roberts’ centennial birthday. Students from around the world can now earn a whole person education.
“Green’s goal in establishing the scholarship program was to recognize students who are tireless in their quest for wholeness,” said Johnie Hampton, Chair of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. “Because of Green’s generosity and an amazing faculty and staff, students emerge from ORU as servant leaders who are spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined, socially adept, and professionally competent.”
Hampton encouraged alumni to attend the dinner, which also served as an opportunity to raise funds for ORU scholarship programs.