Osteopathic Founder’s Winterset 2008 to Celebrate 21st Anniversary

Winterset 2008 will begin the “next era” of the Osteopathic Founders Foundation with a black tie event as the foundation enters its 21st year. Creative Consultant Phil Long has begun plans to take the event theme in a fun, new direction on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008 at the DoubleTree Hotel at Warren Place.

Dr. Mike and Vicki Eimen, event chairpersons, recently hosted a kick-off party at Steven Howard’s KoKoa to announce the theme, committee and beneficiaries of the event. SouthCrest Hospital was also announced as the Winterset Grand Patron.

Winterset proceeds are distributed to area non-profit organizations each year and provide scholarships to students at the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. and Mrs. Eimen announced that the following charitable organizations will receive the 2008 grants: Assistance in Health Care, Creek County Literacy Program, Emergency Infant Services, Morton Comprehensive Health Services and Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.

In addition to raising funds for area organizations, a physician is also chosen to receive the annual Outstanding Physician Award for their dedication to the osteopathic profession and service to the Tulsa area community.

The Winterset committee under Dr. and Mrs. Eimen’s leadership includes Dr. Jay and Julie Back, Dr. Earl and Gunilla Bachenberg, Dr. Sheldon and Molly Berger, Melissa Bogle, Dr. Steve and Sharna Bovasso, Dr. Steve and Mary Jane Buck, Dr. Michael and Jamey Carney, Dr. Scott and Janell Cyrus, Dr. Dean and Nancy Fullingim, Dr. Gerald and Janie Hale, Dr. Rick Hastings, and Dr. Carolyn Steele Hastings, Dr. David and Rita Hitzeman, Dr. Jay and Adair Johnson, Dr. Joey and Nancy Manduano, Dr. Trudy Milner, Dr. Steve and Sheryl Rose, Dr. Jay and Kim Williamson and Tony and Ashleigh Young.

Other Committee members include the Osteopathic Founders Foundation President/CEO Sherri Wise and foundation staff members Diane Jarvi and Sarah Trumbo.

Updated 12-18-2007

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