OSU Medical Center is Demolishing Civic View Building

Medical Center will demolish the Civic View building, built in the 1960’s today. This former doctor’s building on the corner of 7th and Houston is no longer in use. This demolition begins the work of the significant facility improvements to OSUMC.

The Medical Center will back-fill the land and gravel over it for now. In late spring, it will be used it as a staging area for improvements to the existing parking garage. When the parking garage work is complete, the remaining Civic View area will be torn down. Plans are underway for the lot west of the parking garage and the garage itself. The corner at 7th and Houston will become the new, beautiful main entrance of the medical center. The new area will feature trees and landscaping, grass and some parking.

In addition to the external improvements happening at OSUMC, major renovations and equipment upgrades are underway for many departments within OSUMC including Surgery, Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Wound Care. Renovations also are underway in the departments of Emergency Medicine, Respiratory Therapy, Laboratory, Dialysis and Maternal Child Health.

Focused on long-term growth, the many renovations and improvements to OSUMC are part of the medical center’s aggressive two year plan to improve the medical center while continuing to offer exceptional health care to every patient, every time.

Updated 12-13-2010

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