OSU Medical Clinic Begins Renovations

DEMOLITION CREW: Hospital, design and construction representatives gathered for the ceremonial wall-breaking at OSU Medical Center in downtown Tulsa. From left, Jim Blose, Flintco vice president; Gayle Gwinup, Allied Engineering Group; Lori Ormsby, OSUMC Wound Care director; Jan Slater, OSUMC CEO; Dr. Eb Reeves, OSUMC Osteopathic physician and trust member; and Buck Davies, Davies Architecht

TULSA, OKLA. –  Construction renovations, expansions and improvements began in early May at Tulsa’s OSU Medical Center in several areas. The hospital held a wall-breaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction and celebrate hospital week, which was May 9 – 15.

Under the management of Flintco, Inc., with designs from Allied Engineering Group and McFarland Davies Architects, both Tulsa companies, construction crews  began after initial demolition on May 10 with a “wall-breaking” in the Wound Care Center.

The Wound Care Center, Interventional Radiology, Same Day Services Unit, and the Surgery Department will receive upgrades and renovations. The Radiology department will receive new Siemens x-ray machines and associated equipment. The Cardiology department will receive new diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology equipment for cardiac catherization procedures. Phase I work consists of six projects, scheduled for completion in November, 2010.

Under a Department of Energy (DOE) grant, funded thru the City of Tulsa, OSUMC will receive two new energy-efficient 500 gallon water heaters, providing reliable hot water to patients and staff while saving energy dollars.

Another project, also using the same DOE grant money thru the City of Tulsa, will replace the Surgery Department’s operating room lights with new energy-efficient LED lights. The new LED type lights use 38% less energy and produce less heat than the current models, helping lower energy costs to run the associated air conditioning in the operating rooms.

OSUMC is much more than a place where thousands go to heal each year. It is a part of the community that fosters health and has represented hope for 65 years.From providing treatment and comfort to the sick, to welcoming new life into the world, OSUMC is central to our healthy and optimistic community. “The renovations to our facility will allow us to do an even better job serving our community,” said Mark Diebert, OSUMC’s Director of Facilities Services.

The 2010 National Hospital Week theme is “Health, Hope & Healing.”

“National Hospital Week, first and foremost, is a celebration of people,” Jan Slater, CEO of OSUMC, said. “We’re extremely proud of each member of our staff and we recognize the important role they play in extending a sense of trust to our patients and our communities. This year is special for us, however, as we are celebrating the ability to make necessary improvements to our facility as well as our people. This will enable us to serve our patients better than before,” Slater added.

“We, at OSUMC, are proud of our history, our construction upgrades and entire family of employees. Announcing our construction and celebrating Hospital Week is something we are excited to share with Tulsa and the surrounding areas.” Slater said.


OSU Medical Center has offered exceptional health care for 65 years. Located in downtown Tulsa, the hospital is the largest osteopathic teaching facility in the country, boasting 11 post-graduate programs that train more than 150 residents each year in both primary care and sub-specialty areas. Together, the school and hospital have trained more than 2,000 physicians, of which more than 900 are actively practicing in Oklahoma.

OSU Medical Center provides numerous highly specialized services, including cardiology care, interventional radiology, and comprehensive wound care.The hospital also

partners with OSU Center for Health Sciences and Diagnostic Imaging Associates to provide medical care to Oklahoma’s rural communities with a telemedicine program.This telemedicine program currently includes 36 regional hospital and clinic partners, the largest state-wide telemedicine program in the nation.

OSU Medical Center is owned by a City of Tulsa trust called OSU Medical Center Trust, and is managed by St. John Health System. For more about OSUMC, the hospital and its services, visit: www.osu-medcenter.com.

Updated 05-19-2010

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