OSU-Tulsa Alumnus Finds Success with MBA Degree


Sean Kouplen, chairman and chief executive officer of Regent Bank, attributes much of his career success to his affiliation with Oklahoma State University.

“I am very grateful to ,” he says. “It is largely because of the education I received at and the relationships I made during that time that have led to the success I have been fortunate enough to experience.”

A bank president and business owner by age 34, Kouplen earned his bachelor’s degree at and his Master of Business Administration at -Tulsa. He has been named one of Oklahoma’s Most Admired s by the Journal Record and one of OSU’s Top 50 Graduates of the century.

-Tulsa President Howard Barnett admires Kouplen for his commitment and dedication to the university.

“His enthusiasm and passion for giving back is powerful and a testament to the academic quality offered at -Tulsa,” he says. “We are proud to have one of our most prestigious graduates represent -Tulsa to the community.”

Kouplen said when he decided to get his master’s degree, he knew immediately -Tulsa was the right place.

“OSU-Tulsa was a godsend. I knew I wanted the quality of degree that offered. But because I was working full time in Tulsa, I would have been unable to drive back and forth to Stillwater,” Kouplen says. “The degree I earned at -Tulsa is the same exact degree I would have gotten in Stillwater. It was the perfect solution.”

He found the program to be rigorous and more grounded in practical application than theory. It gave him the credibility and preparation he needed for his career.

“Most of my instructors had actually worked in the areas they were teaching,” he says. “They offered real-world experience that goes beyond theory and textbooks. They were teaching ideas, concepts and theories they had actually practiced. An from -Tulsa is one of the best investments I have ever made.”

One of his favorite instructors was Raj Basu, Ph.D., -Tulsa vice president of academic affairs.

“As a student, Sean Kouplen was a standout. He was eager to use the knowledge he gained in his courses in his real-world career,” he says. “He has worked hard to accomplish what he has, and -Tulsa is proud to have played a role in his success.”

Thirteen years later, Kouplen still utilizes the knowledge and relationships he gained at -Tulsa within his career.

“I think the value of the network in Tulsa is significant,” he says. “We have tens of thousands of alumni in professional positions here in Tulsa. The ability to utilize that network and take advantage of these connections is very beneficial.”

Kouplen was appointed to the -Tulsa Board of Trustees in 2014. He views the position as an opportunity to give back to the university that gave so much to him.
“OSU-Tulsa is so important because it provides the opportunity for individuals in Tulsa and surrounding communities to receive a Big 12 public education that otherwise would be out of reach for so many,” he says.

As an adjunct professor of finance and management at the Tulsa campus, Kouplen has developed great respect for -Tulsa students.

“There are so many amazing individuals who want to better themselves but are place-bound. They have jobs, families and other commitments that keep them here in Tulsa,” he says. “These students come to -Tulsa to better themselves and they give 110 percent. That is what I am passionate about.”

To learn more about Sean Kouplen and his passion for -Tulsa, visit the Distinguished Alumni Series website at www.osu-tulsa.okstate.edu/main/kouplen.php.

Updated 11-24-2015

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