OU Professor Also an Award-Winning Photographer


The title of Rodger Randle’s photography exhibit that appeared earlier this year in the State Capitol, Far Away Places, reflects his interest in international relations and education both subjects he comes by naturally.

Randle’s exhibit was on display in the first floor of the North Gallery at the State Capitol through June 15. Curated by the Oklahoma Arts Council, the North Gallery is devoted to Oklahoma’s finest photographers.

Executive Director Betty Price said that as President Pro Tem of the Senate, Rodger Randle was an outspoken advocate for major public art in the Oklahoma State Capitol. “Early on, he encouraged our Council to take an active role in commissioning paintings, murals and sculpture by world class artists that have created beauty and interest for thousands of tourists and school children who come to the Capitol each year.”

Randle calls his style of shooting “cultural photography” and says he tries to direct the attention of the viewer to particular characteristics of a people or place.

“Photography is a way to tell stories about people and places without using words. The photography should be more than a picture. I especially like photos that can convey the mood or feeling of a scene; just the simple documentation of a place is not adequate for what I want to achieve,” said Randle.
He said that almost any photograph, closely enough examined, will tell the whole history of human civilization.


The Oklahoma Arts Council is a state agency whose mission is to improve lives through the arts by promoting and sustaining the development of a thriving arts environment, which is essential to quality of life, education and economic vitality for all Oklahomans.

Updated 07-21-2007

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