Owasso City Council Passes a Resolution Encouraging Masks and Other Protection

Courtesy City of Owasso

The Owasso City Council voted 5-0 in support of Resolution 2020-20 during its Nov. 17 meeting. The resolution strongly encourages the use of masks and other protective measures to reduce community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and pledges support to those property owners and businesses who require the use of masks in the city. COVID-19 cases have recently increased significantly within the city of Owasso. In an effort to help curb the spread of the virus, and for the health, welfare and benefit of its citizens, the resolution strongly recommends that all Owasso citizens properly wear a mask while in public.
The resolution also strongly recommends and encourages all places of business, workplaces, retail stores, businesses, restaurants and bars, fitness centers, places of worship, businesses providing personal services, and medical and healthcare facilities in the City of Owasso to require the use of masks/facial coverings on such properties.
The City of Owasso and the Owasso Police Department pledge their support to those places requiring the use of masks/facial coverings and pledge to provide assistance in instances where individuals refuse to comply with the standards established by the business owner(s) or property owner(s), as allowed by Oklahoma statutes and Owasso city ordinances.
It is strongly recommended that, in addition to the use of masks, Owasso residents take further steps to reduce community transmission of COVID-19 by keeping six feet of physical distance from others, avoid touching their faces, engage in regular handwashing, and avoid group gatherings whenever possible.
The city is also releasing a public health awareness campaign for citizens, businesses, schools, churches, and organizations to remind, encourage, and share protective health measures to reduce the spread of the virus. The campaign offers free images for anyone to print and/or post digitally. Visit cityofowasso.com/736/COVID-19-Digital-Kit for those free images.

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