Owasso Continues to Promote Good Character

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BETTER TOMORROW: The Owasso Character Council helps to promote good character traits every month. One way that they share the featured trait is by placing signs throughout the community.

Courtesy City of Owasso

In 2002, Owasso’s Character Initiative was formed followed by a signed resolution that declared the City of Owasso as a City of Character.

“The Character Initiative is a purposeful focus on promoting and encouraging good character as a community; it is a continual reminder of the importance and the impact of good character. A character initiative is a way to create a culture of character,” explains Character Coordinator Michele Dempster.

The initiative has since become a wonderful addition. It continually reminds residents about the importance of character. “A character initiative doesn’t mean we are perfect, and it doesn’t mean we have poor character; it means we want to create a culture wherein expectations are set with good character as the measuring guide. Creating a culture of character helps us focus on good character and gives us something to strive to achieve in our thoughts, our actions and our attitudes.”

Showing good character isn’t always easy. “Without reminders and without incorporating it into our everyday conversations, it’s easy to make small compromises. Everyone has heard the saying ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff,’ but when it comes to the small choices we make every day, we need to sweat the small stuff. Our character is determined not only by the monumental decisions we make not to cheat, steal and lie but also by the small choices we make each day, like deciding to be patient in traffic, to show compassion to the unfriendly cashier, or to show self-control when we are angry or have been wronged.”

Following each month’s character trait is beneficial for the entire family. Children especially enjoy learning about the traits and sharing them with friends at school. Dempster notes that her grandson even makes games out of the traits.

Currently, the council hosts one event during the year. The Annual Character Luncheon is held in the fall. A guest speaker prepares a presentation about character, and many from the community attend.

In the coming years, it is hoped that the initiative will continue to grow in the community. “You will likely see more character promotions and character recognitions in the community, as well as future fund raising efforts to continue efforts to promote and encourage good character,” says Dempster.

Updated 05-12-2013

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