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HAPPY FAMILY: Harvey the dog has been found after he went missing in the recent snowfall in the Tulsa area. His family is thankful to other family members, friends and neighbors who helped in the search.

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One moment, Harvey the dog was running through the snow in his backyard. His tail was wagging and his big paws sunk into every step. He displayed all the signs of true bliss, with his tongue flopping out of his mouth and his eyes squinted. In the next moment, though, he was gone.

Mark Tams waited by the door for his dog to come back inside. He called his name and carefully looked through the falling snowflakes for Harvey. When he didn’t return, fear set in and a search began.

Family and friends spread out into the neighborhood, treats and leashes in hand. They looked in every yard and between every house. Mark returned home later that evening without his dog. His family was heartbroken and planned how they would continue to search for Harvey.

The next day, Mark tried to get a glimpse under the back porch numerous times. It was the only place that he couldn’t reach on his own to check for Harvey. Mark called Harvey’s name. Nothing. The only way that he could settle his suspicion was to pull apart a section of the wood and crawl inside. He called his friends for help.

As soon as they entered the yard, barks began to radiate from beneath the porch. “It was Harvey, protecting his yard,” says Tams with a big smile. “He probably became a little scared in the middle of his run during the snow and hid under the porch. Somehow he became stuck there.”

“We began to dismantle the deck and cut sections out. With all of the help, were able to get him out, and he is safe,” Tams says. Harvey had been there all along, and was, no doubt, happy to see his relieved owner lift him out from between the wood.

Harvey was taken inside to warm up, eat his missed meals and drink plenty of water. “Thankfully he is feeling much better. It was a happy ending for my family and for Harvey,” Tams adds.

Updated 03-25-2013

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