Ozone Alert! Rewards Tulsa Transit Riders on Ozone Alert Days

SMART RIDE: Ozone Alert! informs Tulsans when an extremely warm day is on the way. The organization also rewards those who take public transit on Ozone Alert days.

Courtesy of Ozone Alert!

Ozone Alert! rode Tulsa Transit on Wednesday, June 30th Tulsa’s 5th Ozone Alert Day, to thank riders for doing their part by giving out free lunch boxes. “We did not exceed the ’s National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ozone which is .075 parts per million on that day and we have those riders to thank” said Nancy Graham Ozone Alert! Program Manager. Ozone Alert! will be riding Tulsa Transit all season long on Ozone Alert! Days so be on the look out.

Updated 07-02-2009

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