Parkside Opens New Psychiatric Hospital

GTR Media Group photo
STATE OF THE ART: The new Parkside Psychiatric Hospital has opened at 1239 S. Trenton Ave. in Tulsa. It is immediately south of the Hillcrest Medical Center and Oklahoma Heart Institute.

Parkside Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic has officially opened its new hospital at 1239 S. Trenton Ave. in Tulsa. The facility, located immediately south of the Hillcrest Medical Center and Oklahoma Heart Institute, will increase access to mental health in Oklahoma. The new facility features 80 single-occupancy patient rooms for children, adolescents and adults experiencing acute mental health crises.
“Our vision is to expand world-class mental health care is finally coming to fruition,” said Debra Jones, CEO of Parkside. “The new hospital will allow us to increase the number of patients we treat each day and effectively remove barriers to treatment.
Over the past year, Parkside was unable to serve 486 individuals due to unavailable beds because of patient gender
“This will serve a critical need for Oklahoma and even surrounding states, said Darren Sanchez, Parkside’s Assessment and Referral Director. “Currently, our available beds for inpatient admissions are in semi-private rooms and not always open to gender needs of presenting patients at any given time. However, 80 single-occupancy rooms in our new hospital will provide privacy for our patients and expand access to care.”
In addition, the new hospital will offer secure open-air balconies for each inpatient floor and provide enhanced space for groups and recreation.
Serving the community since 1959, Parkside’s mission is to provide outstanding mental health and support services. Parkside is a not-for-profit psychiatric hospital and outpatient clinic that has helped those with mental health and substance abuse problems since 1959. In 2018, 2,050 patients were admitted, and 1,305 received outpatient care.
Parkside’s Assessment and Referral service is located at 1619 E. 13th St., and can be reached 24 hours a day at 918-588-8888.