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DIVERSE OPPORTUNITIES: A Tulsa Tech plumbing student gets hands-on training in one of Tulsa Tech’s part-time classes. Plumbing is just one of hundreds of Tulsa Tech’s part-time classes that allow students to pursue their individual career goals or explore a variety of interests from education and creative arts to healthcare certification and manufacturing.

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In addition to providing exciting courses for high school students and award-winning business and industry training opportunities, Tulsa Tech also offers hundreds of part-time classes that allow students to pursue their individual career goals or simply explore a variety of interests. A wide assortment of class subjects includes everything from sewing and quilting to machining.

Whether it’s earning hours towards a Plumbing Journeyman apprenticeship, Personal Trainer Certification, becoming a phlebotomist or learning to do animation from a Disney professional, Tulsa Tech invites all individuals to explore its Part-Time Class Catalog to find the classes that fit their interests.

Although most part-time classes average 30 hours in length, according to Russell Parker, director of Adult Career Development, there are classes available to meet a variety of student schedules.

“The majority of our classes are offered Monday through Thursday, and usually last from 6 until 9 p.m.,” Parker says. “But we also have classes where students receive a certification in a single session of eight hours or less.”

Part-time classes have been a staple of Tulsa Tech since 1965 and since that time, have not only increased, but also evolved to keep pace with today’s workplace training needs and to reflect individual student interests related to current technologies.

“If we get a number of requests for a certain subject then we develop a class to meet that need,” Parker explains. “It all depends on the demand, and meeting workforce needs in the Tulsa Metro Area. We have started Nondestructive Testing classes that are designed to help develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform specialized testing methods that are required by industries for quality control. The classroom and on-the-job training will provide students with the required hours for certification. We are also adding Advanced Unlicensed Assistant to our health care offerings to address the needs within our community.”

Other courses are not just industry-driven but also provide students with more flexibility in completing their individual career objectives. Tulsa Tech offers training classes that build on one another to gain multiple CLEET Certifications while working towards a career in law enforcement and public safety. Training is offered to gain certification as a security guard, private investigator, armed security guard and bail enforcer.

All of Tulsa Tech’s part-time classes are taught by certified instructors who have worked in the industry and have years of valuable experience.

“It doesn’t matter if the class is related to maintaining your credentials, like Real Estate CE, or simply an interest in a new hobby like building your own amplifier. Our instructors have a professional background with experience related to each subject,” says Parker.

Individuals interested in how Tulsa Tech can further their interests or future goals are encouraged to explore the opportunities that part-time classes can provide. From education and creative arts to healthcare certification and manufacturing, subjects are available to interest anyone. All of the classes are designed with students in mind.

Make this the year that you earn an industry-recognized credential, upgrade your skills or learn something new just for the fun of it.

If you’re currently looking for exciting classes for high school and adult students, quality business and industry training, or an opportunity to discover new goals, Tulsa Tech invites you to visit today. For more information, please call 918-828-5000 or visit us online at

Updated 06-21-2015

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