PASS Program to Serve 55 Elementary Schools

The Partnership for the Availability of School Supplies () program announced over 24,000 Tulsa and Union Public Schools students will receive free sets of school supplies for the 2010-2011 academic year. Each set of supplies includes crayons, glue, markers, pencils, paper, scissors and other items critical for learning. Supplies are delivered directly to school buildings over the summer and ready for students when the 2010-2011 academic year begins in the fall.

The objective of the program is to ensure that each student attending a low-income elementary school in Tulsa or Union Public Schools has the academic tools
necessary to succeed. The program strives to ensure that economic inequality does not lead to inequality of opportunity in the classroom.

provides supplies to students in Pre-K through 5th grade at qualifying elementary school sites, each of which has at least 75 percent of students qualifying for the federal Free or Reduced-Price Lunch Program.

Supplies are possible due to contributions from over 45 corporations, foundations and individuals. Supplies cost under $10 per student, making an extremely cost-effective way to address community needs. At retail, the same supplies would cost $25 – $34 for parents, teachers or school administrators. Donations are still needed to ensure that all needs are met for the 2010-2011 academic year.

According to Kendall-Whittier Principal Judy Feary, “When I was a young teacher, we asked offices for their discarded pencils and used computer paper to supplement what we could buy from our own salaries. Then the most wonderful program began – !

“We have come to count and rely on the resource every year. It removes the dread of a child having to take a list of supplies home that they know their parents can’t afford to buy and the embarrassment of coming to class empty-handed.”

Tulsa Public Schools sites which will receive supplies include: Academy Central,
Addams, Alcott, Anderson, Barnard, Bell, Bryant, Burroughs, Celia Clinton, Cherokee, Chouteau, Columbus, Cooper, Disney, , Emerson, Eugene Field, Greeley, Hawthorne, Houston, Jackson, Jones, Kendall-Whittier, Kerr and Key.
7030 South Yale Avenue • Suite 600 • Tulsa, OK 74136 • Phone 918-494-8823 • Fax 918-494-9826 •

Also: , Lindbergh, MacArthur, Mark Twain, Marshall, McClure, McKinley,
Mitchell, Newcomer, Owen, Park, Peary, Penn, Phillips, Remington, Robertson,
Roosevelt, Salk, Sandburg, Sequoyah, Skelly, Springdale, Whitman and Wright.

Union Public Schools sites which will receive supplies include: Briarglen, Boevers,
Clark, Grove, McAuliffe and Rosa Parks.

is a partnership program between Tulsa Community Foundation (), the
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Community Action Project of
Tulsa County, Tulsa Public Schools and Union Public Schools. is primarily
coordinated by .

To contribute to , please send a check to: Tulsa Community Foundation – , 7030 S. Yale Avenue, Suite 600, Tulsa, OK 74136

Tulsa Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, public charity organized in 1998 to be the recognized, community-owned organization that initiates, teaches and encourages personal and corporate charitable giving today to ensure that the philanthropic needs of Oklahomans can be met for all generations. Tulsa Community Foundation is the largest community foundation in America.

Updated 05-25-2010

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