More Taxpayers Get Tangled in AMT Net

Do you consider yourself “wealthy?” Most people do not, especially during challenging economic times. But just because you don’t feel like a high-earner doesn’t mean you are immune to something that was originally created to ensure that the rich and powerful paid their fair share of taxes: the alternative minimum tax or . The Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants explains what it’s all about and provides an update on the newest tax laws affecting the .

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Japan Survivors Face Snow, Blustery Winds

If the trauma of going through a horrific earthquake and tsunami were not enough, survivors in Japan waiting in rubble to be rescued amid fears of radioactive exposure will have to continue enduring harsh cold, blustery winds and snow over the next few days.

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World Counting on US Crops amid Soaring Food Prices

With soaring food prices putting strain on family budgets in the U.S. and raising concerns for civil unrest across parts of the globe, there are major concerns about what will happen if prices continue to rise.

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Spring has Sprung: FAIL

People from the Plains into the East who are hoping for an end to the stormy weather pattern that has yielded everything from heavy snow to flooding rain, tornadoes and wildfires, it may be a long wait.

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Mayfest Green Gallery Call for Entries

Tulsa International Mayfest is seeking entries from area artists to participate in the Mayfest Green Gallery: PaperView, art from repurposed, recycled, and reused paper materials. This 2011 Mayfest specialty gallery has been created to showcase artwork created in the spirit of Tulsa’s sustainable future and is sponsored by Waste Management.

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Osage Nation Recognized for Raising Awareness of Gambling Issues

Osage Million Dollar Elm Casinos were recognized for its support of addressing problem gambling in Oklahoma. The casinos, an economic enterprise of the Osage Nation, have set an important example for other Oklahoma tribal gaming businesses to address this issue, according to Dr. Wiley Harwell, executive director of the Oklahoma Association of Problem and Compulsive Gambling (OAPCG).

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Tulsa Fire Department receives SAFER grant from FEMA

Mayor Dewey Bartlett has announced that the Tulsa Fire Department has been awarded a Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response, or SAFER, grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The $4,238,856 grant will be used to hire 46 new firefighters to replace those lost through attrition in the past few years.

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Tulsa Street Maintenance Crews Patching Potholes and are Back to Normal Routes

After almost two weeks of working around the clock to remove snow from Tulsa streets, the City of Tulsa’s street maintenance crews resumed normal schedules this week and began patching potholes.

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Two Tulsa Residents Share a Love Story

The Pine Street Hamburger Drive-In between Sheridan and Memorial has come and gone. Memories of this establishment survive in the history of Tulsa, but have been forgotten by the generations since 1959. Although it has become a forgotten stop, that drive-in has created at least one lasting heritage.

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Oklahoma Colder than the South Pole This Morning

After being buried with roughly 2 feet of snow Wednesday, outstandingly cold air has pooled over parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and neighboring states.

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Oklahomans for Equality to Host Heartland Region’s First-Ever Conference on LGBTQ Inclusivity

National Experts to Train 700 Community Leaders in Tulsa on Adopting Inclusive Policies and Creating Safe Spaces in Schools

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