Tulsa County is Taking a Lead to Combat Opioid Abuse

From Tulsa County By RON PETERS

Over the past year the opioid epidemic has affected every state in the country including Oklahoma. In Oklahoma there were almost three million opioid prescriptions dispensed in 2017. More than half of all opioid prescriptions are issued to patients suffering some form of mental condition that limits their ability to cope or function successfully without taking the medication. Back pain is one of the other more common reasons for adults, and opioids given by dentists and oral surgeons is often the first time a young adult is introduced to opioid painkillers.

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Tis the Season to Green Up Green Country

Trash Talk by BETH TURNER

I realized this year that Valentine’s Day marks the end of my feelings of hibernation. A scattering of warmer days inspires me to get up, go outside and reconnect with other humans, especially my sweetie, after months of burrowing into my winter’s nest in the ugliest jammies you’ve ever seen.

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Unique Church Towers Bring Distinction to Tulsa

On Architecture By ROGER COFFEY, AIA

For a city of its moderate size, Tulsa has a large number of churches. Three of its medium-sized churches are particularly fine in their proportions and enhancements and share two major commonalities: they are all excellent examples of colonial revival architecture, and all include beautifully designed bell towers.

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Tulsa Tech Programs Create Qualified Workforce

News From Tulsa Tech By DR. STEVE TIGER

As the oldest and largest technology center in Oklahoma’s nationally-acclaimed CareerTech system, Tulsa Tech works hard to consistently set itself apart as a quality technical training school. Tulsa Tech offers affordable industry-standard training in an engaging, innovative learning environment where students benefit from instructors with years of valuable industry experience.

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Musicians, Fans Rally Around Red Dirt Legend

Searching for the Sound by BRYAN CANTRELL

“This is art. This is trying to lift the spirits of people and trying to advance the culture a half step. Or a quarter step. Why not do it together?”

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Step Up Oklahoma Recommends County Home Rule

From Tulsa County by RON PETERS

One of the government reforms recommended by the Step Up Oklahoma group is for county citizens to be allowed to decide what form of county government best suits the needs of the county.

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Bella Vista Provides Picturesque Setting in Nature

Out & About in Greater Tulsa by EMILY RAMSEY

I have long heard Bella Vista, Arkansas, referred to as a sought-after retirement community and vacation spot filled with golf courses and lazy afternoons. That description led me to conjure up the image of an expansive well-planned community of manicured Stepford-type homes dotting picturesque winding roads.

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Señor Tequila Offers Authentic, Quality Mexican Fare

Local Dining By BLAKE AUSTYN

Señor Tequila has enjoyed a long history in Tulsa. Since opening its doors in 1999 in midtown Tulsa, it has grown to three area locations: in Brookside at 3348 S. Peoria Ave. and in south Tulsa at 6973 E. 71st St. and 9999 S. Mingo Rd.

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Celebrating, Informing Our Community Throughout the Years

Trash Talk by BETH TURNER

As we celebrate 25 years of providing noteworthy news in our community, I am honored to be a part of the Greater Tulsa Reporter family since 2010. What a great time to go back and re-experience Trash Talk highlights printed over the years:

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Entertainment Outlook is Bright for the New Year


I have one prediction for 2018. Leisure activities in Tulsa will rise to a new level. Along with the opening of the Gathering Place in its various stages, our town is set to rock. The Center is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and already has announced a lineup of mega events. How many cities host U2 and Justin Timberlake in the same week?

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Renovated Midtown Duplex Receives Modern Facelift

On Architecture by ROGER COFFEY, AIA

There is a modest building at 1634 S. Boston Ave., which at first glance is unassuming but on closer inspection beckons the passerby to enter. This building represents a massive remodel and is the work of architect Brian Freese.

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2017 Brought Student Success at Tulsa Tech

News from Tulsa Tech by DR. STEVE TIGER

Now that the holidays are over, we find ourselves returning to work, school, and the busy schedules that accompany life in general.

While 2018 will certainly offer many exciting opportunities for Tulsa Tech students, faculty, and staff, this past year was full of activity, and included some major accomplishments in 2017.

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Tulsa Becomes Oklahoma’s First Dementia Friendly City

From Tulsa’s Mayor By G.T. BYNUM

More than 6,000 individuals age 65 and older in Tulsa live with some form of dementia. Individuals living with dementia have on average three or more people who provide care for them. This means around 24,000 people in our community have dementia or care for someone with the condition. To put this number into perspective that many people would fill ONEOK Field three times.

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Tulsa County Enjoys Significant Accomplishments in 2017


Assessing this past year requires an evaluation of the services provided to Tulsa County citizens by the county government which serves them. I am pleased to report that there were a number of significant accomplishments.

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America’s 2018 Energy Watch List: Issues and Policy

Energy Watch by MARK A. STANSBERRY

The beginning of last year, my column “America’s 2017 Energy Watchlist” presented the “moving parts” which I believed would be the main focus regarding energy issues and policies: President Trump and the Republican led Congress, and the supporting non- countries, jobs, investments in the oil and gas sector, ipos/mergers and acquisitions, /natural gas, earthquakes, cybersecurity, regulations, infrastructure, geopolitical/China/Russia, along with energy education, transportation/auto makers, coal, nuclear, wind/solar, media digital, and world supply/demand were among other areas of my daily focus.
Here is an important part of my “2018 Energy Watchlist”:

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