Tulsa’s First Friday Art Crawl Holds Onto Popularity

Out & About in Greater Tulsa by EMILY RAMSEY

In September, I attended my first First Friday Art Crawl in a long time.

I am embarrassed to relate how long it actually has been, so I will leave that a mystery.

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County Government Responsible for Unincorporated Areas

From Tulsa County by RON PETERS

While most citizens of Tulsa County live in one of the 10 cities in the County, over 35,000 live in the unincorporated areas of Tulsa County, outside of any city limits.

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Authenticity Reigns Supreme; Legendary Leon Delivers

Searching for the Sound by BRYAN CANTRELL

Currently topping my list of favorite YouTube clips is a seldom viewed op-doc (opinionated documentary, I guess?) from the New York Times titled, “Why Didn’t J.J. Cale Become a Superstar?”

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Mi Cocina Continues to Delight on Cherry Street


Mi Cocina, 1342 E. 15th St., opened in 2011 along midtown Tulsa’s Cherry Street. I remember the struggle of getting a seat there on many evenings in the first year following its opening.

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Tulsa Tech Instructors Pursue Advanced Degrees

News from Tulsa Tech by DR. STEVE TIGER

Tulsa Tech provides state-of-the-art Federal Aviation Administration () training in airframe and powerplant programs for systems operations, landing gear maintenance, electrical troubleshooting and turbine engine operation. Students benefit from not only industry-driven, up-to-date equipment and aircraft for their career training but also instructors who have years of valuable aviation industry experience.

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Boulder on the Park Enjoys Rich Tulsa History

On Architecture by ROGER COFFEY, AIA

As with many architects, Lanny McIntosh had a deep-seated goal to buy an old building and utilize his talent to improve it for use as his architectural office. When an adjacent building at 1850 S. Boulder Ave. came on the market, he and neighbor interior designer Susie Woody jumped at the opportunity, purchasing the building in 2000 and, after a year of remodeling, moved in.

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Meeting the Energy Challenges in the Nation’s Future

Energy Watch by MARK A. STANSBERRY

I write the column today, America has faced two major hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. One of the first concerns about a hurricane is the impact on energy markets along with infrastructure.

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Crystal Bridges: A Destination Not to be Missed

Out & About in Greater Tulsa By EMILY RAMSEY

For a number of years, my sister lived in Scottsdale, Arizona, and, later, Redondo Beach, California.

As delighted as I was to have an excuse to visit these areas, I was also highly envious. Not only because my sister got to call these places her home but also because of the easy accessibility to so many other desirable locations. In just a couple of hours, she could be in Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Las Vegas, Santa Fe.

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Littlefield Building Still Impressive After 70 Years

On Architecture By ROGER COFFEY, AIA

What does a building remodel become when it is more than a remodel? The Littlefield Building at 1307 S. Boulder Ave. thoroughly answers this question. This project was the work of a design-sensitive owner, David Littlefield, and his architect, Pat Fox.

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Tulsa’s Entertainment Season Off to an Exciting Start


If I had an opportunity to recap what I did over school break, as many students are asked to do this time of year, I would gladly share my summer. My husband and I spent several weeks in Italy, centering our trip on the nine-day Umbrian Jazz Festival. Featuring preeminent musicians from around the globe, the immersive experience spoiled us with non-stop jazz on a world stage. We also attended the opera “Aida,” presented in Verona’s first-century Roman arena, and a classical music festival held in Perugia’s medieval buildings and piazzas. Besides the pure enjoyment of the history, music and art, along with Italy’s great wine and food, I valued the experience as training — tuning my ears and eyes so I can better evaluate and appreciate my entertainment encounters at home.

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Music Festival Proves Less Waste is Possible


This past July brought with it the Second Annual Homegrown Music Festival, held where I was home grown along the Mulberry River in Arkansas. You may remember Trash Talk’s August 2016 column pertaining to its first year, which successfully launched a zero-waste music festival concept. So, I was curious to see how the second year fared from the first.

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Tulsa Sound Blends Multiple Genres

Searching for the Sound by Bryan Cantrell

Greetings music lovers, and welcome back for another installment of Searching for the Sound.

It’s been just over 30 days since I successfully pitched this idea to my publisher, and one thing is already abundantly clear: this is the best job I’ve ever had.

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Tulsa Tech Recognizes Student Scholarship Winners

News From Tulsa Tech By DR. STEVE TIGER

The Tulsa Tech Education Foundation recently awarded eight $500-$1,000 scholarships to adult students, through the Foundation of Excellence Scholarship program. Rocky DeCamp, Kirk George, Trisha Ann Locke, Hayden McAbee, Arysson Stolicny, Leticia Stone, Dalton Wilson, and Derek Zyburt were all awarded scholarships based upon merit and performance in the classroom. The individual recipients were honored with a check presentation and award earlier this summer at Tulsa Tech’s Skyline administration campus.

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New Tulsa Strategic Plan Focuses on Goals

From Tulsa’s Mayor by Mayor G. T. Bynum

Since December 2016, the City Council and I have been working to refine our goals for making Tulsa a globally competitive world-class city. Earlier this summer the City Council and I came together for a biannual retreat to continue this work.

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Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to Deploy Body Worn Cameras

From he County By RON PETERS

In many cities and counties across American law enforcement is about to deploy body worn cameras () on an unprecedented scale. For the past decade, more and more agencies have acquired , and it is estimated in the next few years nearly 1 million law enforcement officers will be wearing them.

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