A Legacy of Trust: The Trust Company of Oklahoma


The Trust Company of Oklahoma was founded in 1980 by Tulsa resident Paul H. Mindeman, a well-known and respected trust manager and Randy Everest, his counterpart in Oklahoma City. The independent company was state-chartered on October 27, 1980 and opened it doors for business in January 1981.

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Tulsa Habitat for Humanity Breaks Ground on MLK Day

East Tulsa Dodge Dealer Yvonne Hovell came to Tulsa Habitat for Humanity in 2005 wanting to be involved in providing affordable housing in Tulsa. She felt she had been blessed and wanted to give back to others.

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From Tough Times to Top Times in Tulsa: LaFortune’s First Term


From his office on the southeast corner of the 11th floor of City Hall, Mayor Bill LaFortune has a bird’s eye view of the city whose future is being determined by the mayor and his leadership team’s “vision.” His office is filled with mementos of his three and a half years in the mayor’s office and the many years of prior public service. The word “vision” is prominent and it is obvious this is a word associated with LaFortune long before the popular “Vision 2025” vote in 2003. In fact, it was a key word used in his 2002 campaign.

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Madonna House to Hold Tea

The Madonna House Auxiliary hosts a “Sweet Sixteen” event each year for Madonna House, a residence that serves women who are pregnant and in distress.

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Citizens Group Wants 3 At-Large Councilors For Tulsa by 2008

A bipartisan group of Tulsans is seeking to restore balanced representation to the city’s government by reconfiguring the City Council structure to include three at-large members and six members elected from city districts.

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Tulsa State Fair a Screaming Success!


Nearly one million visitors helped set some record numbers for the 2005 Tulsa State Fair, with the final day being the second best Sunday in Tulsa State Fair history, Fair officials report.

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Oklahoma Centennial–Tulsa Committee Announces Kickoff Week in Nov. 2006


The Oklahoma Centennial– Tulsa Committee recently announced plans for the statewide Centennial Kickoff Celebration to be hosted by Tulsa, Nov. 9 to 19, 2006, and the Oklahoma Centennial Spirit Pole.

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ONEOK Donates $50,000 for Alzheimer’s Research

ONEOK, Inc., has awarded a $50,000 grant to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, the two organizations announced today. The gift from the Tulsa-based energy company will be used to fund research on Alzheimer’s disease.

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Rocky Roads, Troubled Bridges in the News

Tulsa County bridges and roads are falling apart according to a study by the TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research group, while a fight is raging whether or not to build a bridge linking south Tulsa with the Bixby—Jenks area.

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Baseball And Drugs

Granted, it is not a good idea to use drugs, granted it is not something we would want to encourage in the youth of the nation. But, let me understand the situation: The nation is at risk because a bunch of guys have used drugs to enhance their abilities in sports, sports the public pays big money to watch, buy logo-enhanced caps, towels, jackets and underwear—now the public is shocked to discover that these guys are naturally built like buildings—shocked, shocked I say.

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