Philbrook Showcases New Summer Exhibition

STUNNING ART: The exhibition also includes some of Rauschenberg’s three-dimensional editions including his Borealis Shares series.

Philbrook Museum of Art’s upcoming summer exhibition, Rauschenberg at Gemini, celebrates the colorful innovations in printmaking and image making by post-war giant, Robert Rauschenberg. The exhibition will be on view for all to see through Sep. 11.

For more than three decades Robert Rauschenberg created works at Gemini G.E.L., the influential workshop in West Hollywood, yielding over 250 editions of two and three-dimensions from 1967-2001. Using materials as varied as cardboard, silk, window shades, and fluorescent lighting, as well as his own photographs of Los Angeles, Tibet, China, and Morocco. Rauschenberg joyfully pushed and pulled the boundaries of printmaking through the elements of scale, scope, variation and interactivity.

Many of Rauschenberg’s most famous prints, print series and multiples are included in the exhibition, such as Booster, the artist’s famous X-ray self-portrait and his first print at Gemini. Monumental lithographs from the Stoned Moon series, which are based on the American Apollo Moon exploration program are represented, as well as his innovative Cardbird Door. Prints are also included from his two handmade paper series in the 1970s, as well as his three-dimensional editions PUBLICONS, Sling-Shots Lit series and Borealis Shares series.

As Rauschenberg famously collapsed the traditional look and values of American paintings with his provocative multi-media collages, he shattered norms in printmaking. Originated by Armory Center for the Arts in Los Angeles, this exhibition traces Rauschenberg’s innovations at Gemini with over 50 editions of images inspired by memories from the artist’s own life as well as events from the broader cultural landscape that changed with increasing rapidity after World War II.

Also, our colleagues at the Fred Jones, Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, will be hosting their own Rauschenberg exhibit this fall, Robert Rauschenberg: Prints from Universal Limited Art Editions, 1962-2008.
Visit for more information on this exhibit.

For more information concerning the Philbrook Museum of Art, visit or call 918-749-7941

Updated 08-05-2011

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