PR Firm sixPR Celebrates Sixth Year with Open House

GTR Media Group photo
WELCOMING GUESTS: The sixPR staff welcomes guests to their sixth anniversary at the firm’s office, located at 300 E. Reconciliation Way in downtown Tulsa. From left are Lindsey Wichern, Lauren Snedden, Principal and Partners Sheila Curley and Marnie Fernandez, Chelsea Schumann, Canaan Rice and Jamie Heimann. Not pictured Laura Hyde.

 The Tulsa-based public relations firm known as sixPR celebrated its sixth year with an open house at its 300 E. Reconciliation Way location in October.
The company was founded in 2013 by Sheila Curley, APR and Marnie Fernandez. Curley and Fernandez have known each other since 2005 and worked together on multiple projects prior to starting the firm. Prior to sixPR, Curley served as senior vice president and director of corporate communications for BOK Financial. Prior to that, she managed communications, public relations, advertising and branding for the Tulsa Regional Chamber for more than 10 years. Fernandez served as spokeswoman for agencies including the Tulsa Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo, Big Brothers and Sisters and Tulsa’s Young Professionals. She also has provided media coaching and served as vice president of communications for a local PR firm.
The name of the firm has three meanings. First, Sheila and Marnie have been in the community for a long time which gives them a ‘sixth sense’ of the dynamics at play in Tulsa. Second, they have a lot of connections, so they can leverage the right person at the right time to benefit a client through ‘six degrees of separation.’ Finally, like on a basketball team, sixPR can be a client’s ‘sixth man’ – either called upon during a moment of crisis or promoting the company from behind the scenes.
Curley explains that sixPR is a reputation-building firm first focused on the core of public relations and strategies to overcome the communications challenges faced by individuals and organizations. The firm offers a broad range of services, including communications, issue management, media relations, executive connections, capital campaigns, crisis communications and creative services.